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Struggling to Import FBX to Babylon.js


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Hello, all. 


My day has been frustrated by my inability to convert my 3D files into Babylon.JS files. 


Here is my process. 

With either .fbx or .blend files

I Open the file in Blender. 


I inspect to assure the file is aesthetically appropriate. 


I Save the file with the .Babylon export preference; 


I then Drag the .babylon scene  into Sandbox. 


I get cozy and Watch the loading icon .... nothing happens


Any thoughts on this issue? ; If you notice any outright errors in my process, please let me know. 



After following some threads here; I saw the suggestion to drag the images (textures) with the .babylon file. When I do this; I find myself looking at the Sandbox UI with all of the bells and whistles but.. No object; just black screen; However, I can see that the object is loaded, because there are tags on all of the separate parts.. just nothing visual? (I've attached an image of this) 

Am I making an obvious mistake here? Or is something more subtle happening? 










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Hi joe, welcome to BJS :)


AS DK says, there appear to be no vertices in the scene.


Could you post your .blend somewhere so I can have a look at it? (You can PM the link if you wish.)


cheers, gryff :)


EDIT: And what version of Blender and the BJS exporter are you using? And did you get a log file when you exported from Blender?

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I'll leave you in Gryff's hands.  Looks like you have run Blender before, from your description.  You are might doing something no one anticipated.  Interestingly, you get 58K indices.  Hope you are just running an old version of Blender, which sounds plausible.  As more and more gets put into the exporter, it has become less tolerant of older versions of Blender.


I have begun ignoring 0 vert meshes on my experimental version of the exporter, but you could not have been running that.  MakeHuman MHX2 importer has a whole collection of 0 vert meshes, called gizmos.  Think they are a way to attach other things to meshes at different points.  This might be reversed later, but right now all these gizmos are too much for me to deal with.

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