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[bug] workerCollisions with instance


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Ok, Problem found. I will work on a clean solution. 

Was much simpler than I thought, https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/705 .


This is one of those head-scratching bugs where you actually wonder "how the heck did it work before?". Should be fine by the next update of the playground, would be great if you updated here if it worked or not.

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still get the old version of the playground again by my ISP

I think yes.

How can I see what version is in use?

with debugLayer. but it does not specifically give the revision numbers, just so it's version 2.3. It should something like: version 2.3 update xx

What do you think DK have a version number but also a revision of numbers in a version?

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Ok, works now - guess with a new number behind it's refreshed - the Cache of the ISP (Internet-Service-Provider) can't be refreshed from us customers. When I code online, I always have to change the name of my scripts to see the new versions, otherwise I'll always get delivered the old version.

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