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Babylon.js monthly challenge results


Babylon.js September challenge  

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  1. 1. My pick is....

    • Temechon
    • JohnK
    • iiceman
    • RaananW
    • Jaskar

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First monthly challenge is over! Game of life... Who came up with that idea...
Anyhow! Let's see what we got... (By order of appearance in my inbox! :-) )

Each of this solutions is randomized, refresh to page (or press run again in the playground) and the magic will happen again. Just differently.
The (anonymous) poll is open! cast your vote(s)!
Next challenge comes later today.

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From the aesthetic point of view I liked your one best Iceman (nice forms), but the fixed starting position and the choice not to have it in the playground so we can easily play around with let me decide not to vote for it.


RaananW's and Temechon's forms were quite limited in the end due to the fixed grid system, and Raanan's version gets pretty slow fast - why did you use clones and create a new material with every birth? 2 different Instances and 2 materials would have been easier and faster? And I'm not sure, why it gets slower and slower over time - maybe the mesh.dispose does not really work well? (That's a "nice" thing having an old computer like mine - bottlenecks are visible fast)


JohnK's one was the one I voted for, since it was reasonably fast, lots of settings to play with and well documented!  Great!

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Good catch :-)

The hack I used is only due to the material diffuse texture animation. So I can animate the material's color before it's dead (the plan was to constantly change the color according to neighbors, this is why each has its own material).


About performance - I have no idea why, but it is much smoother on github pages. I also doubt the problem in performance is due to the materials. The main "problem" is that each cube has its own self-defined ticker. So when you have a lot of boxes, they will tick quite a lot. There are ways to optimize it, but hey, it was made just for fun :-) And I find it so nice that it is asynchronous - boxes keep on coming and going.

You can try playing with the variables on top (this is why they are there), but do try the github link - I get 5 FPS in the palyground and 60 FPS on github, using the same variables...

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Ok - maybe there won't be the console error then, too  - will try.


I get in the playground console: 


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'references' of undefined

137341 console messages are not shown.
Right - no console error in Github, let the FPS go up from 1.6 to around 15 FPS
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