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Problem with Mesh.MergeMeshes and CSG


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Hey guys,


I have a little problem and I don't know what to do to make it work. Maybe it's not possible, but that would suck since my whole idea for the monthly challenge is based on that :D So you see, it's kinda important ;)


First things first, the playground: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#4UXRQ


What I want to do: I have a mesh that I created by merging several other meshes with the help of mesh.MergeMeshes (the middle layer in the playground). Now I want to cut this shape out of another mesh (lowest layer in the playground). The result I get is the top layer in the playground, but it's not what I expected it to be like. I assumed I would get a clear path cut out of the lowest layer mesh.


I think the problem is the merging of the meshes. If I turn on the debug layer, with clickable labels and select the merged mesh I can see that it looks like there are still multiple meshes overlapping each other.


So what am I doing wrong? Am I using the merge wrong? Is there a better way of merging the meshes so that I can get my expected result? I tired to skip the merging and carve each single block out of my lowest layer, but that seemed to have very poor performance (my browser crashed).


I hope you guys can help me with that!

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@iiceman As my labyrinth is going to be totally aMAZEing and I do not want you lost and blocked in but want you to get to your goal (and I am doing it totally differently) here are some changes I made to your playground




  1. Instead of merging the connectors I used UNION on the CSG versions of the connectors
  2. I kept the merge of meshes only to show the positive maze and moved it to the end.

You will need to check that this does what you want but I think it looks like it might.

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Pretty cool, seems to be exactly what I want, thank you! It's still a bit slow, tho. For bigger sizes it crashes my browser again. But I'll play around with it and check if I still can use it like that.


Looking forward to seeing your amazing maze! :D

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