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HTML5 Game Developer Needed


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Award winning digital creative agency specializing in multi-platform branding solutions. A leader in creativity and technology, the 9 year old company has developed a roster of top clients, including Adobe, Electronic Arts, HP, Mattel,

Marvel, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros. and more.
We are currently seeking a game developer experienced with developing match three game logic using Javascript in HTML5 Canvas.
- Must be LA-based on-site only; no recruiters or staffing agencies
- Must have a passion for technology and development with a dedication and desire of perfection
- Experience with software development life-cycle including design and implementation, unit testing, and production deployment
- Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
- Must be detail-oriented and self-motivated
- Good communicator with willingness to ask questions and be part of a team

Minimum Requirements:
- Skilled in HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript
- Knowledge of development for mobile devices and HTML5 compatible browsers
- Must have deep experience creating games for HTML5 Canvas
- Needs to be comfortable with creating game logic relevant to a "Match 3" game
- Needs to be comfortable with basic MVC frameworks

- Will be building a game framework/level manager to hold all game worlds/levels (built as component that can be plugged into a larger site framework)
- Will be building a scorekeeper, power-up management, etc

- Will be responsible for game logic for each level (unique gameplay characteristics for each level, power-ups, etc)

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we're are expert HTML5 game developers, the creators of the HTML5 Game Framework SpellJS and open for consulting and development inquiries with SpellJS. 


Have a look at the last game we did for Kaisersgames:




Using the SpellJS toolchain, we successfully developed and published the jump and run game Jungle Chaos.

The game is fully localized for the german, turkish and international market and was playedover 6 million times on the Kaisergames portal network.

The SpellJS hybrid loader delivers the HTML5 version to 71% of the clients. The remaining web clients receive the Flash version.

The mobile app versions of this game have top store ratings.

Play the game:
» Web Version
» iOS Version
» Android Version

About Kaisergames

Kaisergames is an established german game publisher, developer and service provider. With a total reach of approximately 250 million page views and 40 million visits per month, Kaisergame's portal network is among the ones with the widest reach in the entire online gaming industry.


You can contact me at [email protected]





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