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Help! I can't export a blender scene to Babylon.js


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hi style, can you give us more detail about your PC hardware, OS, the scene you are trying to export and the blender version?


I mostly use a PC with an Intel I5 (original) running Windows XP and Blender 2.71 - hardly a fast machine but I have never had problems exporting complex scenes. J C Palmer's export script works very well :)


However, let me add that if you have a hipoly figure and are exporting it with a lot of animation frames - it may take several minutes. There is no indicator of the extent of the save - so it may look like Blender has frozen - but just give it time.


cheers, gryff :)

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I want to use blender if possible, should I get an earlier version?



Hmm style - Blender 2.76. From the Blender website - see that the latest release is Blender 2.76RC3. The RC stands for "Release Candidate" - not necessarily the most stable of releases.


I have Blender 2.75a installed on my Windows 7 machine with version 3.0.5 of the babylon exporter - it works fine too.


So, yes,  I would try an earlier version of Blender. If you still have issues, post your .blend file that is crashing your system and let me try. Have you tried exporting just a single simple cube?


As for Windows !0 - I have that installed on a laptop (just used for web browsing with 4MB RAM) as an upgrade from Windows 8.1 - and to be honest, I'm having issues with maintaining a wireless internet connection on the laptop now.


Hard to imagine using a tablet with blender as well if there is no additional mouse and KB.


cheers, gryff :)




cheers, gryff :)

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i got blender  2.75 and tried to export my scene which I apparently can't upload to show you, it crashes immediately.


Gryff, the reason your windows 10 laptop can't hold a steady connection to network is because you don't have enough ram, my tablet runs very fast and I have a full usb 2.0 port to support a mouse and keyboard, I can run visual studio, blender and internet explorer at the same time without lag.


I really want to include 3d scenes from blender in my app, is there any way I could use unity as a third party?

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If this was my problem, I would copy the .blend, to an expendable version.  With the copy, I would progressively:

  1. remove something, remembering what it was, save it
  2. try to export until it does not crash.

Once I got a non-crash, make another from the original.  Remove only the last object removed from the last test.  Try an export.


If it exports, then make a .blend with only that object and post it somewhere.


If it still does not work, then it was the process of removing stuff that "fixed" it.  It sounds like you have a small machine to do blender with only 2 GB.  Have you changed the Memory cache limit in the system tab?


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