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Best way to implement a 3D viewer?


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I have a game in Pixi.js.


At some point, we would like a 3D viewer to pop up so users can view the 3D versions of items they collected.  It doesn't need to interact with Pixi in anyway and it doesn't need to have a transparent background, it just needs to overlay in a window and spin a 3D object.


I tried using three.js on top of Pixi.js but for some reason it always renders under the Pixi.js canvas.


I tried create a texture from the three.js canvas and applying it to a Pixi.js sprite but that seems inefficient and it's kind of a mess to destroy and set textures.





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You can reorder the canvases with CSS, likely they jsut weren't z-indexed correctly.

You don't need three.js to just render a small model though. That is MBs of JS just for one small feature. Instead we have a plugin for pixi, called pixi-flip, that adds some perspective transforms to pixi.js that may help you. You can contribute to Patreon to help us get there: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2384552&u=2384552&ty=h.

Alternatively rendering just a single model should be pretty simple to do yourself in webgl.

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Thanks yeah my problem was a z-index I missed in the code.  Will definitely support the Patreon am liking Pixi.js quite a bit!


Relative to my project, the ~800KB three.js adds isn't really a big deal, or is there some performance issue I'm not seeing here?  It seems to simplify the process quite a bit but I'll do more research.

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