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Strange sliding of rigged character's face


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We have a character that has been rigged using CAT. Most of the animations that we have for the character plat without issue, but for some reason part of the face "slides" during some of the animations. There are bones in the face that correspond to what is sliding but we cannot find where or how this is happening in max. 


Here is a babylonjs playground example. focus the camera on the face and press the "P" key to see the animation. 




I also have the max file if it helps. It is very large though. 250+ MB




I am not the artist for this, but both of us are at our wits end trying to figure this out. We were using three.js for this project but ported over to Babylon last week.


Thanks in advance. Any help that anyone can offer would be appreciated. 

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Sorry, can't help, just wanted to say that the mesh and the face animation look really cool (except the sliding of course). I am sure somebody here can help you figure things out.


What exporter did you use to make the .babylon file? is it latest version? Maybe it's something that has already been fixed.

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I don't know much about all that 3D modeling stuff. But just to make sure we are on the same page: are we talking 3D Max exporter here, right? Or something else like blender exporter? There are some different exporters and I always get confused. Have you already tried older versions of the exporter (sounds like you did)? Just thought maybe it's a bug in the new version or something.


Edit: just swas you are discussing the issue here, too: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/17439-3ds-max-exporter-animation-problem/ so you already answered my questions there already :P


Sorry, seems like I am really no help at all. But since it seems that Luaacro is already on it, I think you'll get more help there ;)

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