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Multi-touch table top drawing/music games


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We are looking for developers who have similar or would like to develop the following games.

These games will be played on a multi-touch table of more than 32 touches. Number of

players will range from 2 to 8. The game needs to incooperate our API.


Game 1:  players will compete in drawing simple shapes with both hands concurrently.


Game 2:  players will fill up shapes with body parts print. After printing, the players can enlarge,

reduce or rotate the body prints to fill up as much of the shapes given as possible. Players who fill up the most

percentage of the shape will win.


Game 3: Selected player will draw something, the others will replicate including the player who drew it. The one who

drew the most alike will be first and so on so forth.


Game 4: The players will play an instrument each and ochestrate a song/songs. The one who play the best will win.


All these games would have to be on HTML5. If you are interested in the above or similar games, feel free to contact me.

Lets have a chat. Please also provide sample of games that you developed before.



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Game 3: The one who drew the most alike....


Game 4: The one who play the best will win.....


How are these two quantities evaluated? Does the game have to some how decide which picture or piece of music is better than another?

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The above games are just idea, if developer have new ideas, you may re-proposed.


Some ideas of quantifying the 2 games :


Game 3: it can be a pixel to pixel comparison.


Game 4: It can be an accumulation of points for beating the instruments on the exact timing.


If you are interested to develop similar games, please give me buzz.

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Hi Mazoku,


I apologized that I had given you the impression that we are asking for free games development. As prices are sensitive topic, I would like to discuss off the forum page. I have been working with some developers here and are paying them for their work. We are working on a long term business relationship. 


I have sent you a message with my contact details. Please add me on skype, we can discuss more.

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