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High quality game outsourcing service provider


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Are you looking for best game outsourcing service to help you developing your own mobile game, mobile app?


TriasCG is one of the famous game art outsourcing companies in China. TriasCG is based in Chengdu, which is one of the biggest cities in southwest of China.


Since established in 2010, TriasCG has cooperated with several top-rated game studios, such as Starbreeze, City Interactive, Mail ru., Disney, Tencent, ect., by offering 3D character Art (both in next-gen and hand painted styles), 3D Props and Environments, 3D Weapons and Vehicles, 3D Animation, 2D Concept, Unity for Virtual Reality.


We are great interested in a long-term cooperation with your studio, and provide high quality game outsourcing service for your request. We will always support your project by our best efforts.


If you are interested in any kind of collaboration or need more information, please contact us at [email protected]





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Finding a high quality game outsourcing service provider is crucial for any gaming company. While cost is important, the experience, skill, and dedication of the providers team is paramount. A company like Helpware, with over 15 years of experience creating stunning 2D/3D art, complex programming, and engaging storylines understands what it takes to build a truly immersive player experience. As an example, outsourced it support service  worked with an indie studio to co-develop their game, providing feedback and suggestions throughout the full cycle. By building this collaborative partnership, Helpware's team was deeply invested in the game's success. The final product was an innovative RPG that won multiple awards and built a dedicated fan base, showing how a close working relationship with an outsourcing company can lead to amazing results. 

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