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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! My name is Jeny. I’m a 2D game artist and animator (Characters design, backgrounds, objects, UI design, flash animation, etc). I don't create the pixel art. I'm interested in full-time freelance work, and also individual projects. I'm not interested to work for free. Paid work only. I DON'T work for free, for percent, etc. I prefer work for a fixed price. Please, send me a list of the assets/game design document and I will tell you the price and deadlines. Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/jenyk Blog: http://jeny-korney.tumblr.com/ In my portfolio you can see only some of my works, because I usually sign the NDA with my clients. You can contact me at [email protected] Please contact me by email, I don't read the messages here. Thanks!
  2. Are you ready to experience the exhilaration of a concert day like never before? Look no further! Get Ready With Me: Concert Day is here to take your concert experience to new heights. This innovative HTML5 game is designed to engage, entertain, and captivate music enthusiasts like yourself. Let's dive into the world of Get Ready With Me: Concert Day and discover why it's the ultimate game for every concert lover!
  3. Hello, Are you looking for best game outsourcing service to help you developing your own mobile game, mobile app? TriasCG is one of the famous game art outsourcing companies in China. TriasCG is based in Chengdu, which is one of the biggest cities in southwest of China. Since established in 2010, TriasCG has cooperated with several top-rated game studios, such as Starbreeze, City Interactive, Mail ru., Disney, Tencent, ect., by offering 3D character Art (both in next-gen and hand painted styles), 3D Props and Environments, 3D Weapons and Vehicles, 3D Animation, 2D Concept, Unity for Virtual Reality. We are great interested in a long-term cooperation with your studio, and provide high quality game outsourcing service for your request. We will always support your project by our best efforts. If you are interested in any kind of collaboration or need more information, please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks! TriasCG
  4. Hello there. I would like to present me new mobile arcade game city blaster. It is a fun and good looking mobile game. It is very easy to play, just tap the screen to defend your city and citizens. You can download it for free and without adds on the link below. Please tell me what you think. Good luck!https://retrodries.itch.io/city-blaster
  5. Our new game "Tennis Pro 3d" for html5. Check it on mobile devices (not for PC browser) Used Gyroscope sensor for Tennis game. Use Gyro gestures for controls https://playcanv.as/p/Y3k9Jqwu/
  6. Few days back I released my first mobile game made using Phaser 3 framework. It's a simple game but was hell lot of work. In the end I learnt a lot in the process. https://lakshyadubey.itch.io/rgb
  7. Play Link: Pixel Memory Find all card pairs, level your profile & unlock new cards in this “Memory” classic optimized for mobile! Play Link: Pixel Memory Welcome to the "Memory" classic, expanded with new features & optimized for mobile! Game Features: Play the “Memory” classic in this mobile game. 3 Difficulties: Easy, Medium & Hard. Level up your profile & unlock more cards. Browse your collection to see which cards you’ve already unlocked. 4 card deck skins: Choose the one you like best! View your profile for your game stats & best scores in all difficulties. Gameplay: Find all the matching card pairs on the table. Find them before you run out of guesses. Unlock all the card packages in the game. Controls: The whole game requires only click inputs and is perfectly optimized for mobile! Credits: The game was developed solely by me. All assets in this game were either done by me or from the CC0 assets linked below. These sources are also credited inside the game: Play Button Name: Cartoon Mobile Rounded Icon Buttons Author: Nathan "GDquest" Lovato, https://opengameart.org/users/gdquest, http://gdquest.com/ URL: https://opengameart.org/content/cartoon-mobile-rounded-icon-buttons Explosion Sprite: Name: 2D Explosion Animations #2 | Frame by frame Author: Sinestesia, https://opengameart.org/users/sinestesia, http://www.sinestesiastudio.com/ URL: https://opengameart.org/content/2d-explosion-animations-2-frame-by-frame http://bit.ly/2C6Bi8b Audio: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/ Play Link: Pixel Memory
  8. Play Link: Blob'n Pop Play Link: Blob'n Pop -------------------- UPDATE March 19, 2018: We have added an Endless Mode to the game, as was suggested in the replies below! -------------------- Hey guys, I would like to show you my newest Phaser 3 game! The gameplay takes a casual and funny approach – enter one of the three unique worlds and pop bubbles for the highest score! Art Style: For the first time I have a game where all pictures were drawn specifically for this game! I hope the worlds and their animated surroundings are enjoyable to play. Gameplay: Pop the bubbles, but don't touch the forbidden color! Get combo points by popping the same color 3x in a row. Get enough points and avdance through 3 unique worlds with funny distractions Features: Short Tutorial 3 Unique Worlds With 3 Levels Each Levels Become Increasingly Difficult Your Best Score and Your Last Score Simple Click/Touch Inputs Mobile Optimized! I hope you like the game! I created it with Phaser 3, if you find a bug or problem, please let me know. Also any feedback is much appreciated! Play Link: Blob'n Pop
  9. Hi Everyone, I just released a game made with Phaser 2 called Mr. Balling. Used cordova to deploy it to Android and iOS. It is a simple arcade game that is supposed to be a throwback/retro arcade game. You bounce around on the screen and when you hit a ball you orbit it, once you tap on the screen you fly off. The objective is to stay alive in the middle of the screen bouncing from ball to ball, while avoiding red balls and the left and right sides of the screen. Feel free to leave feedback or thoughts about the game, I'm new to game development, but hope to keep doing it. Apple iOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mr-balling/id1351628591?ls=1&mt=8 Android Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ogradybj.mrballing More info on the game. I came up with this idea about 10 years ago and had actually made working copies in python a few times, using pygame and kivy, but once I got into phaser I fell in love, it was super easy to get stuff working right away. As mentioned I packaged it up with cordova. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, not a software engineer, so sites like this were instrumental in figuring out how to get phaser to do what I wanted it to do. I used Piskelapp to do all of the assets. I used beepbox to make the music. It was fun having do figure out everything that goes into releasing something like this. Obviously as you can see it is a pretty simple premise for a game. However, I plan to make a sequel extending the game mechanic more. Also tried to make a pseudo dev-log, still under construction, but you can find more info at www.mrballing.com Screenshots of the game, title screen and several screenshots during the game as well as gameover screen. I did high score tracking using firebase.
  10. Play Link: Squares Vs Circles Game Circles don't like Squares, because Squares have edges... Welcome to this fun mobile Puzzle Game You tap Squares to toggle their position: defensive or vulnerable. Toggle smart to survive against the incoming Circles. There are different Square types that require different strategies: - Normal Square - Lazy Square - Coward Square This is my first Puzzle game. If you guys like it, I will add more levels Have fun! Play Link: Squares Vs Circles Game
  11. my coming phaser mobile game. Phaserjs always give me a reason to come back. The game tutorial is coming soon at my blog http://kemojallow.com/blog/
  12. Hello Everyone! I'm so glad to present multiplatform game, which is playable through Android smartphones/tablets and Facebook. Technology stack: Apache Cordova, Cocoon, HTML5 Audio, Local Storage, Phaser. Integrations: Sharing, inviting friends, Admob, In-app purchases - for both versions, Android and Facebook. Link to game post: https://doyban.com/cashninja/ Direct link to Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doyban.cashninja Direct link to Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/cash-ninja/ Looking for feedback, positive and negative, especially for bugs Ahh, didn't want to spam here with images, screenshots are visible through the first link to game post, HTTPS secure connection. Thanks!
  13. Hello gamedevs community, After watching so many of you publish games I can finally post my first game in this showcase as well: Kung Fu Clicker ! "Can you climb the mysterious tower to the top and prove yourself to be the most worthy Kung Fu master? Defeat the elementals, collect their essences and keep climbing. Complete quests along the way to upgrade your character in the shop and finally reach the highest floor of the tower!" Game link: http://browsergameshub.com/KungFuClicker/ Kung Fu Clicker is a browser game optimized for mobile by solely using touch (or click) inputs. On a desktop browser however, you can also use the arrow keys. The game controls are simple: Tap left / right to attack, block and jump in the desired direction. Collect the essences in the order displayed on the screen (from left to right) by blocking the attacks of the corresponding elemental. You block an attack by attacking an elemental that is already charging towards you. Punch the other elementals before they start charging at you! After each successful collection of essences, you climb to the next level by jumping up the ledges. Beware however, as the ledges fall down shortly after you touched them! I don't want to give too much away because that's part of the game: to learn and improve as you play along. There is a short and simple tutorial in the game, however, to get you started. You can come back and continue playing anytime by the way, the game uses local storage to save your quests' progress and all purchases in the shop. I've had a lot of fun creating this small game and I'm already working on a new title, which I am excited to post here again in the coming weeks. Have fun playing and let me know what you think! Don't hold back on the critics, I know this is an amateur game but any feedback is appreciated so I can improve P.S.: A couple side notes / questions: - I would love to licence this game to a publisher but since this is my first game and I'm a newcomer, I am scared Kung Fu Clicker has still written amateur all over it. Also, I'd assume I need to approach a publisher with a package of games instead of just one simple one like this. With this said, if you are a publisher or know someone where I could legitimately make a good impression with this, let me know! Meanwhile the game is also playable on gamejolt (desktop only): http://gamejolt.com/games/kung-fu-clicker/194699 - I am a terrible artist. The characters, elementals, objects and interface have been designed by me. The backgrounds have been designed by my girlfriend. Thanks to her help the game looks a lot better than it would just drawn by myself. I am looking for an artist who doesn't charge too much for future games, though. I'm not trying to rip-off talented artists by being cheap but I just can't afford a top notch reputable designer at this point. Maybe a student out there who would like to get in touch with me? Hit me up on twitter @thejamespierce . - Lastly, thank you for reading this post and checking out my game
  14. Hello! I'm ah-tan, full-time freelance artist specializing in creating graphics/animation for 2D games. Check out my Portfolio / Sample Games / More / More You can contact at [email protected] Thanks
  15. After celebrating the 12th Annual Awards ceremony in San Francisco earlier this year, the IMGA announce a new competition: IMGA SEA, in partnership with MDEC. IMGA SEA awards will mark the first year that the awards are handed out in Southeast Asia, recognizing talents from the fast growing and blooming markets of the region. The call for entries is now open. Submission is 100% free, it will not take you more than 2 minutes to participate. We are calling all mobile games studios, indie developers, publishers involved in any aspect of the creation of mobile games in Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan are invited to submit their games until August 30th on sea.imgawards.com/submit-your-game . Winners will be announced on 8th November and listed online.
  16. After celebrating the 12th Annual Awards ceremony in San Francisco earlier this year, the IMGA announce a new competition: IMGA SEA, in partnership with MDEC. IMGA SEA awards will mark the first year that the awards are handed out in Southeast Asia, recognizing talents from the fast growing and blooming markets of the region. The call for entries is now open. Submission is 100% free, it will not take you more than 2 minutes to participate. We are calling all mobile games studios, indie developers, publishers involved in any aspect of the creation of mobile games in Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan are invited to submit their games until August 30th on sea.imgawards.com/submit-your-game . Winners will be announced on 8th November and listed online.
  17. Hi, My name is Dorian, I’m a french entrepreneur and a developer. I develop with three other friends the product PERIFIT. OUR PRODUCT PERIFIT is an innovative product designed to help woman to re-develop their pelvic floor at home (the pelvic floor is a set of muscles which support the main organs of lower body, and control urine, gas and stool). After childbirth pelvic floor can be less tonic and fresh mothers can suffer urine leakage. They can do exercises with our product and train these muscles to prevent troubles. The product is made of a probe to track pelvic muscle contractions and a phone game that help the user to train in an interesting and playful manner: muscle contractions make the avatar goes up and down… · To see the game in action : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfYBcvl4b78 · For further information about our product : http://www.perifit.fr OUR NEED As you can see in the video, the game is advanced. Now we want to add features and improve existing ones. Our game developer doesn’t have the time to work on the project anymore, and we are looking for a freelance to help us on it! For instance, our short term needs are to: · Remove the jerky effect o FPS is good, between 50 and 60 fps but that’s like if the design was “trembling” · Enable the possibility to parameterize different kind of exercises: o Exercises are a sequence of “patterns”, themselves made of “coins”. The game have only one fixed exercise right now, and we’d like to enable the possibility to generate exercises by a set of parameters (sequence of patterns) · Modify the avatar movement o It currently exists 5 thresholds where the avatar can stay (it is like “magnetized”). When the avatar change threshold, the movement is smooth, but when you change several times in succession, it’s not smooth. We would like to redefine this movement. · Add a “pause” screen o Remove the current buttons “Quit” and display a “pause menu” when the user clicks on “Pause”. The menu will have 3 buttons : “Play”, “Calibrate the probe” and “Quit” · Add music and sounds when the user catches a “coin” OTHER INFORMATION The game is developed with Phaser.JS. IF INTERESTED If you are interested by this project, could you send me: · References · An price range estimate for these 5 evolutions · Your day rate Please feel free to contact me if you need further information on the project or to estimate the cost. Greetings, Dorian
  18. Hello Dear Group Members, If you are looking for mobile game and app projects so i want to suggest you that you can register your company or you can post your requirement at Adnify.com In the Adnify more than 5000 companies are registered so you will get best quotes from those and you also have an option to choose best from them. Adnify are the experts who provide custom web development, application development, and online promotion. Simply let us know what you need. We find you four of the very best service providers. All of them have been vetted and fully qualified by our demanding criteria. Save time. Get the lowest price. Lets Adnify be your perfect IT partner. Looking forward for further discussion. Thanks,
  19. Hello I've just been working on my first HTML5 game, using the Phaser framework and I've run into a very unfortunate problem regarding landscape mode. - My game has to run in landscape. - If it is in portrait mode, an image shows up, telling the user to turn their phone to landscape mode. OK so far so good. Works perfectly on desktop, all browsers, my iPhone 5 and my iPad. But then: - My client has an iPhone 5S. - If he accidently hits the top of the browser, two huge bars come into view, the menus from the Mobile Browser, and screws everything up, because he then gets the "please turn your phone into landscape mode"-image, so he has to flip it to portrait mode and back, in order to get it working again. His argument is that this game is broken now because of this, people won't know to flip it back and forth. Any suggestions?
  20. I'm blogging consistently about Game Development, Publishing and giving out free experienced tips to help developers earn a living from building games. I try to write a new blog every friday, and you can check out the latest posts at: https://gamebrokerage.com/blog/ I figured I'd post this ASO article here because I've heard many HTML 5 developers lately deciding to test the native app market by wrapping their games and building them for iOS and Android. Feel free to contact me about anything game related, and I'll try my best to respond to all comments! App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips Whether your self-publishing your game or partnering with a Publisher, you’ll need to know a thing or two about ASO. App Store Optimization (ASO) is SEO for the App store. Don’t know what SEO is? Go read this wiki. The ASO process starts by understanding how the App Store algorithms rank apps. What happens when you press that magic “release app” button? It’s simple, in theory. The app store tests your app. How? By matching you up against other apps recently released in your apps designated Primary Category. The app store then tracks and calculates the performance of just about everything. From the number of installs, to reviews, down to the number of people who have scrolled through alternate screenshots! In addition to this, the app store will try to understand the relevancy of your app based on keywords specified by definition & description. There’s quite a lot of details in the process, but I’d like to focus Part 1 of the series, ASO Tips & Tricks: for launching a brand new app. The ASO process and techniques can be refined, and each app should be maintained over time. Don’t let your app get stale on the market! By the end of this post, you’ll be able to improve your games app store & play store rank by using these three fundamental ASO techniques. Tip #1 – Keyword Research List out the top 10 keywords that you think make sense for your app. Then ask someone else to come up with an additional 5 keywords, preferably someone who is not involved in your project. Do a live test these keywords. Type them into the app store and see what auto populates. Was there a better suggested keyword that might be more relevant? The auto suggestions are based on volume of searches, so your goal here is to identify BIG keywords. Ideally, find keywords in the top 6 position after pressing just 2 or 3 letters. Need clarification? Here’s an example. If you have an infinite runner game, let’s test the keyword “infinite runner” After pressing I-N Infinite runner isn’t in the top of the list, but rather instagram, instasize, etc Going 1 letter more, I-N-F… STILL doesn’t yield infinite runner, but rather infection, infinity blade, etc So the conclusion on this particular keyword, is that there really isn’t enough volume to warrant targeting. Instead, I’d look at “R-U” – and there’s a keyword in the top 6, Running Games. Running Games is great candidate. Go through this process with all 15 keywords, identify at least 3 “candidates” and narrow this down to 2 target keywords. If you'd like to continue reading this post, head over to https://gamebrokerage.com/blog/?p=33 and if you're looking to buy/sell html5 games, check out our market at https://gamebrokerage.com
  21. Full Immersion is the next game from Enclave Games - you are one-eyed sailor in his small submarine. Watch out for the mines, collect stars and bonuses and reach the treasure at the bottom of the ocean. You can PLAY THE GAME HERE. Controls are very simple: tap the left side of the screen to lean left, right side to lean right. You can also use left and right arrow keys on desktop. The game was created using Phaser, you can read the short "making of" blog post about it. How do you like the graphic style? I'd be very grateful for the performance testing - it wasn't perfect on some of the devices I was playing it, thanks!
  22. Hello everyone! Please check out my HTML5 Game - Save Eggs. (Can be played on mobile & PC) It is created using HTML5 Canvas technology. It took about 2 days to complete the graphics, and 5 days for the programming. I do hope you guys could drop by the following link and play my game. Please let me know what you think to improve the game. Game Description: "Save Eggs", an action-style game in which the player must save all dropping eggs and scores 1000 points before the time is up. Game URL: http://www.onlywebpro.com/demo/save_eggs/
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