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How Drag sprite around circle


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in fact, since you're request was actually to drag the sprite, I've made a version where you need to actually hold the mouse down on it to move it



the only improvement I'd like to make, but am not currently sure about, is to only move the sprite when the pointer is actually over it.



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here's one way to do it using Sin/Cos



and another using phaser's point rotation function (with a distance constraint... http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Point.html#rotate)



I've taken 0 angle as the top of the circle, but that's not the normal way angles are measured so i've shifted the value accordingly



I'll leave you a challenge... add acceleration/deceleration to the movement.... :)

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Thanks. That worked perfectly.  But I guess you knew it would :)  (fyi I used your first suggestion)


I know I can alter speeds of the left/right keys by adding:


    if(leftKey.isDown) {        angle+=speed+4        moved=true    }

I know this is not what you asked -- so I will do some digging to see what I can come up with as aoptions.

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I have battled this problem myself recently and came up with this (working!) solution:


function angle(cx, cy, ex, ey) {
    var dy = ey - cy;
    var dx = ex - cx;
    return Math.atan2(dy, dx);

function update() {
    var r = 44;

    var bulltargetAngle = angle(
        circleCenter.x, circleCenter.y,
            this.game.input.activePointer.x, this.game.input.activePointer.y);

    bullet.y = player.y + Math.sin(bulltargetAngle) * r;
    bullet.x = player.x + Math.cos(bulltargetAngle) * r;

In the above code a sprite named "bullet" rotates around the circle pattern following mouse pointer.

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