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Google Services Integration with Phaser


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i'm new to phaser and this forum and i'm sure that this question has a very simple answer.

i can see in google play lots of games that load progress using google services.

if i'd like to use it with phaser, is there some guide or tutorial explaining doing that?


is that workflow correct?:

1. adding google api files to main index.html file

2. on first creation of user in game, save google id in db + localstorage of device.

3. if the user returns to game, load by localstorage or google id in db.



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yes, i'm trying to integrate a login.

is it something achievable with phaser?

in one game i played, the login was automatic, i didn't even need to enter my email / pass.

another thing, are the inputs (email and pass) have to be set in the phaser game itself? how does it work exactly?

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