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Babylon and Samsung Gear VR Headset


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Hello! So i went out and bought the vr headset!

turns out you can access the internet by not connecting the phone to the port on the headset which allows you to use the phone normally and doesn't load the automatic oculus screen.


Gotta say its pretty awesome!


Unfortunately the performance on a simple babylon scene is way to jittery to be usable even though my FPS is at 59 fps - 60fps   :s

I wonder if anyone else has better experience with it

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Hey! I am glad someone else shows interest in this

While I did get it to work out of the box. But the latency is just not good. you will feel sick using it.

I think its just the web browser not being able to read the head movements fast enough because the fps is at 60 fps. 

So I decided to build the VR Version of my Babylon application with Unity. The result is as I would expect...great!

Do you have a VR Headset?

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Thanks for your answer.

Ah ah, don't worry I won't be sick. In my previous job I worked for more than 10 years in VR and AR fields, particularly in stereoscopic perception and display systems, my brain is well trained to easily accept any kind of crappy scenes, even the worst ones :D
No, I don't have a Samsung gear VR for now, but I'm interested about all VR stuff and the possible accordance with BJS. And as I love those fields, I thought about aquiring that Samsung, which sounds very interesting and a good alternative to expensive and disapointing (screen concern) Oculus.

Do you think that the framerate issue would be less strong with a S6, or another mobile browser (Chrome mobile is more fluid with BJS than Firefox mobile for instance) ?






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No way! Where was your previous job? 

Ive tried all browsers on the S6.. chrome, firefox, default android browser. 

If you have a galaxy s6  you can go to you can view an example on http://punkoffice.com/vr (not my website) @ozRocker 

Just view it on your phone and rotate your phone around. You will see it jitters and lags. (does the same thing with only a basic sphere in the scene)


One thing i haven't tried is Something like Babylon HX to see if the performance is better because its not running through a web browser, It just worked so great out of the box with Unity I didn't bother.


41 minutes ago, Vousk-prod. said:

And so you did all your 3D and materials twice ? One version for BJS and one inside Unity ? That seems a lot of duplicate work...

Indeed it is, I was hoping it would work smoothly with Babylon. But well worth it! When people use the VR Experience, they love it. 

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My previous job was in a photonic research laboratory of a french university.

Yep, VR projects work well in Unity, but obtaining the exact same material aspect between Unity and BJS require lots of time consuming fine tunings, that would not be viable in production environnement for instance. BabylonHx alternative seems a neat idea, worth to have a look.

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interesting, how was VR used for photonic research?

yeah unfortunately in certain cases it might not be feasible but Well if someone wants to offer a VR experience on mobile, thats really the only solution and who wants to turn down a great VR experience :P

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stereoscopy, brain depth perception, projection systems (active, passive), headmounted displays, interaction devices... it's all about sending, receiving and processing light (photonic principles, and subsequent image treatments is major part of any VR technology), also true holography (based on lasers, not those nowadays falsly called "holographic systems").

But in fact VR wasn't used for photonic research... Photonic research was used for inventing and improving VR experience ! :)

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