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Best practice for meshes and rigging


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I created a model, rigged it and started searching how will everything go into Babylon (topic that covers skeletons).

After going through a couple (all) of the tutorials, documentation etc. one thing is still buzzing me.


What is the best way to structure a model and why?

Would it be better to break it down into multiple meshes or keep it a single one? 

I also spotted "submesh". What is it? Couldn't find anything useful not for blender not for maya.


I tried making sense from dude model but I couldn't figure it out.


My mesh (robot on image bellow) is created as a single mesh, only parts are divided into vertex groups.






P.S.: It's been four years since I touched Blender so it might not be the best looking creation.

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Hello and welcome!


submeshes are used to map parts of a mesh with multiple materials so not what you want here


Regarding how you want to structure your mesh, my opinion is that you should keep one mesh. Mainly because of performance: one draw call to draw your mesh as all the skinning will be done by shaders

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