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Found 6 results

  1. Juliastorybored 2D and 3D Art Shop Hello, I am Julie (Juliastorybored) an experienced generalist 2D and 3D artist. I will be offering 2D (concepts, characters, environment) and 3D modeling for both stylized and realistic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) art style in my 3D production pipeline depending on your needs. I also do rigging and 3D animation. If interested, you can contact me here through PM or email me directly at [email protected] 2D Characters and Environment 3D Characters and Environment Before starting, Things to keep in mind: What kind of resource/s you do you need? (Props, Character, Environment) How many? (a list will be a great help) Your Email Address (for me to send my art updates to you) Give the preferred scale Reference images (the more the better) Deadline. (If any...) Thank you and I will be looking forward to work with you!
  2. Hi, I've 2D vertices array and bones. Can you please suggest algorithm for construction of per bone weights for vertices. Currently I'm assigning weights by dividing 1 to bones distance from vertex, not sure how correct this is. Thanks.
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn't find an exact answer on google! Are bones in a rig technically individual points/nodes or are they counted as the connecting lines between two points/nodes? For example, if I've got this biped rig below, would this leg count as having 4 bones (in red, the connecting lines between two points/nodes) or would it count as 5 bones (in blue, each individual point/node in the bone chain)? I'm working on a character rig but need it to work on iOS devices, and I've read that iOS only supports up to about 32 bones per rig... so I'm trying to count my rig's bones exactly to make sure I'm not over that limit. ? Thanks!
  4. Mixamo Auto-Rigged Characters ALWAYS deform when animating. This does NOT MATTER if it is a Mixamo generated animation or key-framed from modeling software like Maya... But BabylonJS DOES NOT like the mixamo Auto-Rigged characters ... If i Re-Rig the character manually it works fine. Can anybody tell the Rhyme or Reason as to why mixamo auto-rigged characters deform funny like spaghetti when animated... My only guess is Babylon Js DOES not like the Skin Job mixamo does during the auto-rig process... We really should get that fixed/working since mixamo is the DEFACTO online-auto rigger out there @Deltakosh of @Sebavan ... Care to give you two cents here
  5. Hi! I successful rigged and animated a model in Blender and exported it to .babylon format. After loading and running everything, the results is not what I expected. A running demo here on plunker (press run to start, and detach a window to be able to move). It should be a single step where all of the parts hold together (as it can be seen in Blender). I also attached a Blender file for example above. After experimenting a bit I'd say that the problem lies in inverse kinematics, but can't confirm that. Has anyone experienced such problem? What causes it and the way to solve it? Thanks! Robot.zip
  6. Hi! I created a model, rigged it and started searching how will everything go into Babylon (topic that covers skeletons). After going through a couple (all) of the tutorials, documentation etc. one thing is still buzzing me. What is the best way to structure a model and why? Would it be better to break it down into multiple meshes or keep it a single one? I also spotted "submesh". What is it? Couldn't find anything useful not for blender not for maya. I tried making sense from dude model but I couldn't figure it out. My mesh (robot on image bellow) is created as a single mesh, only parts are divided into vertex groups. Thanks! P.S.: It's been four years since I touched Blender so it might not be the best looking creation.
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