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UK developer for indie studio co-founding


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Hi guys, first off I know I'm asking a lot here.

I'm looking for a fellow developer interested in becoming the co-founder of a small indie studio in the UK.


I'm a realist, the dream-bubble has burst and I know its going to be tough, but I still believe that by keeping our scope achievable and making smart decisions we can build a sustainable micro-studio, make some interesting games, and have fun along the way!


Team Structure:

The goal is to run the startup studio as a 2-person UK general partnership.

Both of us would get stuck into development and running of the studio business, whilst commissioning freelancers to take on the tasks outside of our own creative strengths or time constraints. I've been a solo dev for just over a year now and this approach has given me the best results so far, but I'd like to take things a step further and work with a dedicated partner as well. I currently have one alpha build project and one pre-alpha project that I'd like to carry on developing as part of this venture. 


The Games:

- Create original IP

- Action / Story-driven / turn-based games

- 2D or 2.5D graphics

- Non retro pixel art

- Use existing engines/tools (currently working in Construct 2)

- Multi-Platform friendly technologies (eg. html5)



Crowdfunding on a per-project basis, plus our own pockets as a backup/last resort. Any profit left (if any) after we've covered our expenses can be divided between the two of us, as per the terms of the agreement we come to. Our working agreement can be based on how many hours each of us can put in and which responsibilities we take on.



3rd party publishers, or vendor sites. I'm a verified member of Nintendo's Wii U development program for indies, so we have this option too.


Your skill set:

- Background in a core development discipline (art / coding / level design etc)

- Experience of a supporting discipline such as marketing or business is a massive bonus.

- Willingness to take on a 50/50 share of non-development tasks such as social media, admin, video editing, website admin etc.

- Insane amounts of tenacity and passion for games is a given.


My skill set:

- 2D environment art, sprites and basic animation, 2D visual effects.

- Digital audio production and music composition.

- Background in front end web design PHP/CSS/html5, flash.

- Experienced using Construct 2 at an advanced level (yes this is possible :P)

- Conceptual design

- Level design




To Apply

If you are interested in teaming up please contact me either via reply/PM or email:


You can also find me on twitter as @@iao_dev


I look forward to hearing from you :)

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