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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I have built a mini games app in Adobe Air (in iOS and Android). It features lots of swf animations and lots of games. Now since the future of Adobe Air is circumspect. I want to hedge my bets by rebuilding the games in another platform which has a better future outlook. I had a few questions: 1) Which platform is better for building an app- OpenFL or Phaser ? I found OpenFL online which seems to be the best way to port flash games into html5. 2) Can I have a multi platform app in which suppose 100 games are there - 50 made in Phaser and 50 made in OpenFL? 3) I had
  2. Hi We make LOTS of games - so I figured out it's better to have a single post I could update every time we publish a new game rather than post info about the games in separate posts. Atm. the BlackMoon Design team (consist of 2 full-time developers, 2 part-time developers and 2 graphic designers) made roughly 80 games. You can check them all here - http://m.blackmoondev.com All feedback is welcome:)
  3. Hi everyone, We are game development studio from Latvia. Our team consist from skilled professionals, with many years of experience in game industry. We have successfully produced the mobile PVP game “Royal Strike” to the closed beta testing stage and now we are looking for new projects. We would be happy to provide our graphics skills for you! We are open to partnership with another game studios and ready to develop your game together. Our company also ready to develop code of you game (unity, c#). Currently we provide full graphics development cycle: - Sketchin
  4. Hey, I am making a program; I made a simple BabylonJS 3D thing to test, in chrome it opens fine, but adding "web browser" in visual studio gives like 10 script errors then loops back, and pressing no a bunch of times just loads the default blue background. Help me please :/
  5. Hi guys, first off I know I'm asking a lot here. I'm looking for a fellow developer interested in becoming the co-founder of a small indie studio in the UK. I'm a realist, the dream-bubble has burst and I know its going to be tough, but I still believe that by keeping our scope achievable and making smart decisions we can build a sustainable micro-studio, make some interesting games, and have fun along the way! Team Structure: The goal is to run the startup studio as a 2-person UK general partnership. Both of us would get stuck into development and running of the studio business, whilst co
  6. Hello everyone, I am having issues with GM: Studio and sound on Android devices. Many sponsors have rejected our games because of the sound issues (especially on native browser) and I was wondering how the other developers that are using GM: Studio addressed this issue?
  7. The JCHTML5 Engine is a GameMaker: Studio project file that implements a long list of features that are common in HTML5 games or required by sponsors when selling licenses of your games. Unlike some other engines out there, JCHTML5 is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Using the JCHTML5 Engine, you can make professional looking games, fast! The amount of functionality provided by the JCHTML5 Engine is far greater than any other GameMaker HTML5 engine currently available. Also included is a 15+ page manual that has step by step tutorials and explains all the features in more detail. Belo
  8. Jump over the skipping rope (manned by cheeky aliens) as many times as possible. The aliens are unpredictable, so you'll have to be on your toes. Jump rope is a quick game I made over two days. I got the idea while watching a Twitch streamer play ESP. Most of the work was done in 6 hours one day, and I polished it up for 3 hours on the second. The game was made using GameMaker: Studio and the JCHTML5 engine. Play here If you'd like to license this game, contact me at samwhillance@gmail.com
  9. Hey guys, I've been working incredibly hard learning all the tools required to make themes for GMS (SkinBuilder, ResEdit, ResHacker). Word of warning to anyone who wants to modify the buttons and icons - it's time consuming. Any feedback on the design before it goes public would be greatly appreciated! Huge thanks to JayL for his PSD tutorial for the script colours. Helped a lot, so thanks bud What would you choose? Dark or Light?
  10. Hey! As I am looking for my second internship, I really want to find some HTML5 game studios at which I could apply for an internship. I figured you guys probably know a lot of HTML5 game studios Some background about me: I'm a 17 (soon to be 18) year old HTML5 game developer, studying game development in Eindhoven, Holland. After completing my first internship at Spil Games, I am looking for a second internship as a HTML5 Game Developer. I have experience with cross-platform HTML5 development and optimizing code for good performance on lower end devices. My portfolio can be found at http
  11. Hi guys, I'm eager to make HTML5 games, I chose Game Maker Studio for it, but it's going to be an investment. Do you think that is better for me to buy the HMTL5 exporter before making my game or it will be better to buy it only when I have a solid interesting game? Does it make a difference having it (html5 exporter), during the development? Thanks.
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