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How should I go about asking her?


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Hey guys, was kind of nervous about this today so I figured I'd make a topic here and get your opinions.


This happened in my American Literature class today at college.


There is this girl that sits in-front of me in class and during lecture I usually casually look up and notice she is always drawing characters and human faces in her notebook. Coincidentally the girl is Japanese and my original artwork for my game was drawn by a Japanese Artist so the genre  and theme / design match perfectly! Plus, her drawings seems very good, if not better then my current art in-game and hers is on paper!  :P



I was going to ask her if she would be interesting in drawing some artwork for my game, but not entirely sure how to go about it. I'd obviously ask if she would want a commission as well, but not sure if she might think that's being disrespectful...


 She is also very pretty and I don't want to come off as a creep by simply going up to her and saying her artwork is beautiful! Maybe break the ice first, then ask her about the art later?


Any help is appreciated!

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From coders is bad to ask help for females. :lol:


Plan #1:

When you pass her, just look quickly her drawings so that she notices your look and praise her artwork something like "That's look really great, I would like also be as good to draw as you." Try to get talk with her on free time, and make talking point about drawing. And then you can tell "btw, i am creating games on my freetime, and my ongoing project graphical style is just like your drawings, so I would like to ask if you would make some graphics for my game."


If you have nothing romantical on mind, make it clear for her.

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Great advice! Thank you mychiilist and ekeimaja. I feel a lot better now. Yeah, I figured if I mention that, the conversation will probably start naturally, (or so I hope! Haha).

I'm going to be very casual and friendly as possible about it.  


Edit: I have no idea how people can draw like that though, it's like watching Bob Ross in real life.  100% Talent I guess, simply amazing.

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Its easy if you can show your work and ask for an opinion.

I forgot to mention this. This is the most important thing in the whole thing, so she does not think you just make some excuse to get talk with her. But don't show code, because most girls don't probably understand it. Show plot  of your game or some sketches etc.

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