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Mapping tint color to a variable


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Hey, maybe someone solved this problem before.


Lets say I have a variable from 0 to 100.

How can I map it to the tint color for the sprite?



when variable is at 0 -> sprite.tint = white;

[everything in between]

when variable is at maximum (100) -> sprite.tint = red;




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what are the colours in between?


you cant tint a sprite white, so i assume you just mean a tint of 0xFFFFFF which will show it's original colour


i've used HSLtoRGB to do Black to Red to White tint which isn't quite what you want though



(maybe 50 to 100% lightness covers what you need, so you can fix it up with a bit of maths to map to your original range... in which case try ths http://phaser.io/sandbox/viiUTUex/play )


If you could clarify exactly what you need though.

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