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Conditional input of texture into a shader


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Sometimes the shader I am creating will be given an image file to use as a texture sampler and sometimes it will not. 


In the shader when the image file is given I need the line

uniform sampler2D refTexture;

and in the main function a line along the lines of

float x = 0.5 * texture2D(refSampler, uv).rgb.x;

and when no image file is given then

float x = 0.5 * position.x

From looking at the code in the samplers in the materialsLibrary I see there are some conditions on the uniforms such as

#if defined(SPOTLIGHT0) || defined(DIRLIGHT0)varying vec4 vPositionFromLight0;uniform sampler2D shadowSampler0;#elseuniform samplerCube shadowSampler0;#endif

1. Is there a condition I can use for

#if ..................uniform sampler2D refTexture;#endif

2. Is there a conditional statement within the main function I can use for

IF texture loaded    float x = 0.5 * texture2D(refSampler, uv).rgb.x;ELSE    float x = 0.5 * position.xENDIF


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I think you can define a variable in your material.js file 


like : 

Material.prototype.isReady = function (mesh, useInstances) {     if (texture loaded) {        defines.push("#define variable_name");     }}

and in you shader check 

#ifdef variable_name    float x = 0.5 * texture2D(refSampler, uv).rgb.x;#else    float x = 0.5 * position.x;#endif
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@jerome  & @bulisor thanks for suggestions, after  reading these and looking further at the sample files in the materialsLibrary I can see that I can define a public variable in the class defines in the typescript file which can be set as true if there is a texture file given - just got to work out how I actually do this and then use #ifdef in the shader file.


More thinking to do yet.

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