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Isometric features in Phaser?


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Arn't the isometric maps on D2, D3, and Path of Exile like 112312312x1231313 in size?  If you really build them using Phaser (Canvas Essentially) and are using 32x32 pixel size tiles.... Wouldn't that be a pain in the ass to load those assets (for JS to render all the 0,0,0,0,0,0's)? For example, try creating a large 3000x3000 world in Tiled using 32x32 tiles.. Even the program hangs  :ph34r:


This is why I just do it with a large tilesprite sprite and have large sprites that can be up to 400x400 and just use a clickable floor map, with layers ontop to act as objects (Done with Phaser), and loads times are perfect and maps are just as big as D2's.


Although, I lose real A-Star  path-finding if you do that way, but meh. Just use p2 physics and have your player collide with the objects, Although, would look funny if your character trying to path find around a huge 400x400 tile LOL.


Phaser is just too fun guys  :wub:

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