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Hi guys :)


    I just wanted to share with a thing I created a moment ago. I call it PIXI Playground and the only thing it does is that it shows you in real time what you are doing. I've been thinking about it since I started to use PIXI and after some tries and thinking I've managed to create a usable version of my idea in about 2 hours :D just with simple couple lines of code.


    So here's basically what this Idea look like:





    And a little more advanced usage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVPGsdPJvro



    Syntax is a little bit different from original PIXI because one, I'm using coffeescript and two, I've wrote lot of helpers and extensions to create PIXI object. But basic idea could be used with pure PIXI and javascript also :)


    I've created it with designing user interfaces in mind because hard coding everything and refreshing browser all the time is so boring.


    So what do you think? Anyone have been doing / thinking about something similar and wats to join forces with me? :) Or maybe something similar exists and I'm repeating someone's work?

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