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Many small objects or one large?


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I need to place a lot of small statics images in front of my scene, so.. should I marge all of this objects into one full screen image with alpha and put it on stage or just make spritesheet and individually place each object on its place? What is the better solution nad why? Thanks

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 I predict that it will be slow for CanvasRenderer , but WebGLRenderer will work just fine.


You can put objects in PIXI.Container , and if it will be too slow, make container.cacheAsBitmap=true .


Also, I have solution for that kind of things, but there are no docs yet: https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/pixi-tilemap 

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I would say, that PIXI.ParticleContainer and rendering many small sprites (from the same spritesheet) is what you are looking for in terms of performance.

If you are targeting mobile devices, you can easily get into problems with one large texture: GPU fill rate, max. supported texture size, etc


Depends on case : how many individual sprites you want to render / how big will be mentioned full screen image.

If you are going to do some tests on this, please share your results.

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