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Auto completion for Phaser


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I'm pretty new to Phaser, and I'm trying to set up one of my installed code editor to work with a code completion solution available. I'm trying to get them to work with Sublime Text 2. I'm on Win7 btw.


Right now I'm trying to get tern-for-sublime + Tern-phaser to run. I seem to have installed them without a hitch (had to manually do npm install). However I don't see them working in action. Am I supposed to see some special popup while I've a JS file open? And should I see Phaser related stuff already?


Newb questions :). I haven't really played around with Sublime Text 2 before, so this is confusing me a bit.

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Hi bapho,


If you want Phaser code completion you can try Phaser Editor :) , it is a new editor made just for Phaser, as the name says.


Actually, I consider it is very helpful for newbies because it bundles features like project templates (based on Phaser examples and others), code completion, assets manager, a documentation tool called Chains, etc...


Just take a look, it is a commercial product but the evaluation version is full featured and do not have expiration date (like in sublime text).


If you like to keep coding in Sublime, yet you can use Phaser Editor as an asset manager for your game. I wrote an article about it.


If you have any question feel free to ask me.

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