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Let's Learn Phaser - Youtube Videos


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Hey all,


I'm trying out something new and recording impromptu videos on a subject that interests me. Right now, that happens to be phaser. Figured I would share them, on the off chance they are of use to someone.





I'm also new to the whole youtube thing.. need to figure out how to put them into a playlist.



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Thanks for these tutorials.  They were rather simple, but there is something satisfying about watching a tutorial play out in a video rather than study by yourself.  You did a pretty good job I think, for being new to the Youtube medium.


I also enjoyed being introduced to the Brackets editor, which I had not heard of until your videos.

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Good stuff. Just getting into Phaser myself, so its nice to see some actual workflow and coding in realtime, very helpful to see how other people work with Phaser. 


And for a youtube playlist, click the arrow next to your channel avatar on the very top-right of the screen to show the drop-down menu. Select 'video manager' and on the mid-left of that screen youll see a list of sections for the video manager (should be on Uploads by default to begin with). From there you can select Playlists, which will bring up the options to create a new playlist and manage which videos are where. Hope that helps!

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