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Uncaught TypeError: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'baseTexture' of undefined


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After adding a new state to my game I'm getting this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'baseTexture' of undefined phaser.js:5454PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.initTilingSpritephaser.js:5454PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.insertObjectphaser.js:5250PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.addDisplayObjectAndChildrenphaser.js:5106PIXI.WebGLRenderGroup.setRenderablephaser.js:4659PIXI.WebGLRenderer.renderphaser.js:4398Phaser.Game.updatephaser.js:10334Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAFphaser.js:16157_onLoop

It's happened before, but I don't remember how I solved it. I think it was something like changing when I load an asset or something. Has anyone come across this?

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I realized that it happens everytime I start on the BootState. Don't know why.

				game.state.add('BootScreen', SoccerGame.BootScreen);				game.state.add('PreloaderScreen', SoccerGame.PreloaderScreen);				game.state.add('MenuScreen', SoccerGame.MenuScreen);				game.state.add('GameScreen', SoccerGame.GameScreen);				game.state.start('BootScreen');

The BootScreen is pretty standart:

SoccerGame = {}SoccerGame.BootScreen = function (game) {    this.game = game;};SoccerGame.BootScreen.prototype = {    preload: function ()     {        //  Here we load the assets required for our preloader (in this case a background and a loading bar)        //this.load.image('preloaderBackground', 'images/preloader_background.jpg');        //this.load.image('preloaderBar', 'images/preloadr_bar.png'    },    create: function ()    {        this.game.state.start("PreloaderScreen");    }};
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As I was debugging he shows this error on the MenuScreen which is called from the PreloaderScreen. So could it be that the MenuScreen is trying to use something that hasn't been loaded?


The weird thing is that if I start from the PreloaderScreen everything works just fine. I only get this error when going through the BootScreen before the Preloader.


I managed to fix it but it was a weird solution... Only thing I did was add the load.image on BootScreen instead then load it on preloader screen. Makes no sense since this image is only used on the MenuScreen.

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The weird thing happening now is that he's calling the 'create' on the MenuScreen twice. This is the console log:


[bOOTSCREEN] (): preload Util.js:31
Phaser 1.0.4 initialized. Rendering to WebGL phaser.js:10262
[bOOTSCREEN] (): create Util.js:31
[PRELOADERSCREEN] (): preload Util.js:31
[PRELOADERSCREEN] (): create Util.js:31
[MENUSCREEN] (): Preload Util.js:31
[MENUSCREEN] (): create Util.js:31
[MENUSCREEN] (): create Util.js:31
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