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Creating A Custom Player


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I am looking for some guidance or example of how to integrate into my game the ability for users to create their own "player."  


I would like them to be able to select a character and then be able to customize that character (change hair; shape; body etc) prior to playing. I have searched extensively but have been unsuccessful in locating any assistance/tutorials/examples online for this type of action.

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I've seen this used a million times:


A modal popup with the in-game character, the sprite (or 3d render, whatever) is made up of many smaller sprites, lets say, head, body, legs.


Arrows either side of each part allow you to scroll through a list (or flick if on touch device) until you find the combo you like, you hit save, or enter, or done, or continue and your player is created.


Your player is the composite of the sprites parts i.e. head A, body C, legs B.


The complexity is getting your graphics for each body part to line-up and look good together.


Another option could simply be changing the colours of each sprite, thats simple enough and can allow some customisation.


The number of body parts you use is up to you, I think most settle for something like head, body, legs, hair, maybe facial features. Depends on the style of your game I guess.

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Thank you.  I too have seen it done numerous times. Definitely understand your explanation and the challenge of matching together pieces and parts of a sprite.  I feel confident and comfortable on the ability to get them to work together -- but I was hoping to be able to see a sample/tutorial when it comes to the actual code -- even just a snip usually helps me as I try to create in new areas.  I am surprised that I have not been able to find anything in my searches -- but maybe I am just searching wrong terms.  I definitely want to go with the first (more complex) approach because it will improve the User experience. Please let me know of any such tutorials as I continue to investigate options.

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