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Strange issue with sprite and scaling


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Hi there, 


i'm facing a weird problem. I'm using a sprite to display an image (1280px * 80px). The available are to show the image is shorter than image.

At this point, i compute ratio between image size and area size to get the initial scale factor for sprite. 

When i run the game on my computer with Chrome, in "tablet mode" with a screen size of 1024*575px (same size as my samsung tablet), the image is fully displayed. I'm happy (Droopy style)

When i run the game on my tablet (Samsung galaxy Tab 3 7.0), the image is a bit bigger and is not fully displayed. 


I log all values (elements sizes, image/area ratio) and values are identical. I don't understand why image is rendered differently with same scale value. What did i miss?


Can you help me, it's driving me crazy.






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Well, don't break your mind guys, i've found a way out.


I put ScaleManager in "resize mode" (Phaser.ScaleManager.RESIZE), my game is not full screen.

Then, i force ScaleManager game size with this.game.scale.setGameSize(this.game.width, this.game.height)


And it works. 


(but what is still mysterious is why do i have to put this code to make things right in Chromium/Android while without it works fine on Chrome/Linux). 


Thanks for reading! 



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