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Flip a viewport to create a rear-view mirror


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I am making a small car game in which I have different camera views. When viewing from within the vehicle I display two viewports showing the view of two rearward-facing cameras.

Does anyone know if it is possible to flip the view of from these cameras (or flipping the viewports) to mimic the behavior of a mirror?

Thank you!

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Hi again! I would like to give this subject some closure.

I tried this approach again, and this time I got it to work! I was able to extend your example by adding a "screen" which renders a mirrored camera view.
See the text marked with "ADDED". The result is shown when the camera is rotated.

The solution was simply to set the "uScale" to -1, and not to forget to call the "render" function in the "registerBeforeRender" event.

When implementing this in my game I ran in to a problem. The "activeCamera" on the texture was always the scene's active camera. It turned out I had to upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 to fix this issue.

After that, I ran in to some new, unrelated problems; my way of moving the "driver's" camera does no longer work in 2.3 - I will have to work on that =)

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Coooooool!  Hi J, welcome to the forum!   Hey, do you "need" to use mirrors?  RenderTargetTexture might be more powerful than you think.


Is there anything in that goofy playground... that could help your cause?  Why use mirrors when we can duct-tape a camera to the back of our helmet?  :D Talk again soon.

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