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build walk with shader without rigs


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hi ozRocker


after painting you can get this color in the vertex shader and you can define function for move that


like this : 


vec3 color = texture2D(ref,uv).rgb;


// rotate_x function for rotate in shader  new pos = rotate_x(old pos , deg , center );

position = rotate_x( position , 30.  * color.g, vec3(0.,3.,0.));

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i try work to   scan  points ( test ) and generated paint function  


that like rig but in the rig you paint vertex in maya or max in 3d area


but here you paint in texture ( thats good easy change and we can make multi rig with multi texture and you can use the z brush )

and in this way we have restriction like only 8 color you have to manage  

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deltakosh i started eash.js (easy shader )you can add this after babylonjs and you can use all tools 


i think this way is good and independed way for shader


sample :


1: mesh.material = eash.Shader( eash.solid(0xff0000)+eash.fresnel() , scene);


2: mesh.material = eash.Shader( eash.outline() , scene);


3: mesh.material = eash.Shader( eash.walk('texture.jpg') , scene);



and work for tools for generated and preview  :) and add in the github

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Hey this is really awesome because in theory, it should be possible to make a single mesh that is sent to the GPU, and then change the clothing textures and do all the animations on the GPU to create different characters in different animation states without using too much time in JS, which is usually the bottleneck  in WebGL due to the single thread :)


The tricky bit though is, how do you convert animations from a tool like Blender into shader instructions? I guess you'd need to write a script for that. Coding every animation step by hand will never produce nice looking results unless you are willing to spend weeks tweaking a single walk cycle :D


p.s. I don't think collisions will be a problem... in most games a bounding box is used for collisions anyway for performance. Just make sure the box is big enough to cover the maximum dimensions and it should be reasonable. It's only going to be an issue for something like a FPS where you need very accurate collision shapes.

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