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Animations, I need some help.

Andrei Bazavan

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So, first of all, I am new to Phaser, but I work as a programmer.

I have some knowledge about how 3D modelling tools work , even for animation.

I am wondering if someone can give me more info about this.


What i've got: a bunch of static images ( no spritesheets, no texture maps, only static images)


My question is: 

Is there any way to program like keyframes (like blender3d) in order to specify position, scale and rotation to the elements i want on the screen , also layering and something like opacity?


Is there any way people have done this with particle effects?

How would you proceed about this? 


I am open minded and ready to try anything, I need to deliver this ( the game is almost done , all it misses is 2 animations at the end, I didn't build the game, my coworker did, but he has quit the company to have more time for univeristy)

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You could go the route that you want to but it will be a performance hit. Use blender to render the still images. Use a texture packer to make a sprite sheet. (Then you have one draw call) and use Phaser's animate to cycle through the sprites. I use https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker It is free (there is a paid version but you don't need it just for packaging sprites). It supports smart folders which is nice. There is a bunch of tuts on how to use it. Hint just make sure your sheet is larger then the size of the tiles times the number of tiles. After you have your sheet follow this:


I believe you can set a color to be transparent. Although I just pull it into Photoshop and pull out the animations and paste them on a transparent background.

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