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Suggestion for (half of) December Challenge


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Did I just miss it or is there really no challenge this month? If there is one that I actually missed, tell me and ignore all of the following :D


Maybe we can come up with something little for the rest of the month so nobody can say "gee, they stopped after only 2 challenges and now they'll never continue... dooohh". (read with a voice similar to this: https://youtu.be/HcwFkDLKPXQ?t=24s)


Sooo.. I thought maybe we could do some kind of Christmas calendar thingy. Something that is more about style, fanciness and all those amazing effects possible with babylon js but small and easy to accomplish. The only rules would be:

  1. 24 things/doors to click/open (no content needed, providing content or a data structure to fill ti with content is a bonus ;) )
  2. Christmas/Winter themed
  3. cool/fancy

That's actually all I can think of now :D


There should be plenty of inspiration out there, like here: http://christmasexperiments.com/


But I remember we already had some Christmas scenes here, like this one for example: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/11239-a-merry-babylon-christmas/


And I am sure there is more somewhere ... I am sure you guys could come up with a lot of amazing scenes anyways.



Sooo.. just a suggestion... what do you guys think? :D

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Well iiceman, I think there is no December Challenge because it is a month when people are busy trying to organize Christmas - I spent 2 hours today trying to get a good buy on a toaster oven for one of my daughters., and a couple of days ago another couple of hours investigating light boxes for another daughter. It is a month when you can spend time elsewhere ;)


That said .... I do like "24 things/doors to click/open". As I said elsewhere, I do think the Action Manager is a huge plus for BJS. Maybe a January Challenge ??


cheers, gryff :)

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there is no December challenge coz I got lazy! Actually coz I am super busy lately....


I planned something big for December, but it is really not the best month to start something. Now January! This is a month to start something.

Having said that, since all of my German friends are crazy over this Adventskalender, it might be nice to do it. But it is a bit too late now, we should have done that for November. If anyone wants to be the community hero and do it, please!!!


If you are looking for something Christmas-y - https://twitter.com/Temechon/status/674574656213512192 :-)

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@gryff sounds like you got too many daughters, I can imagine that this can keep you busy :P


Yeah, well... then I'll make my own challenge this month




Just kidding.. it was just a suggestion... if everybody is busy I totally understand that. And yeah.. might be a good idea for November next year :D

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All I know is that when I woke up Christmas morning last year, I saw gryff's Christmas scene and it completely made my day. I don't know if a challenge is the way to go for this - as it was in the surprise and the moment that really affected me. I hope to see similar messages this year. :)

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