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Found 11 results

  1. Play It Now: https://cutedressup.com/game/stylish-fashion-challenge/
  2. Math Number Challenge In this game, you need be finding figures for speed. It looks quite easy for the first time. However, at every level new tasks appear complicating the search for numbers. In the game, you will learn figures in the decimal system. You will find out how to count to 10 with Roman figures. Moreover, you are going to learn to quickly search for figures matching the sides of the dice. Some figures (in complex levels) are represented as arithmetic expressions and you will have to calculate the amount or difference before to choose the right number. Play Online Version Play iOS Version Play Android Version
  3. Hi all, Please try out my very first game created with Phaser: Follow My Lead. INSTRUCTIONS: - Pay attention to the button sequence - Now repeat the button sequence to go to the next level - Try to complete the stage to unlock the next one! The last stage is unlimited and works the same way as a Simon game. You can try it here on newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/693612?updated=1495225931 I also converted it into an Android app with Cordova (any Cordova users here?) You can try it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.walkingfort.followmylead Any feedback or advise is appreciated! Walking Fort
  4. Hey gang, it is time to play some games! I have 4 submissions. Here they are: 1) @jpdev sent the following entry: JPs BabylonJS RPG, http://rpg.jppresents.net This is a rpg game where you control a character of one of the three classes: Fighter - meele fighters can take a punch and also deliver one Hhealer - pure magic healers that can't fight themselfs but are valueable in keeping everyone alive Caster - ranged magic damage dealer that control fire You choose a name for your character and the class on login. You can change your class by reloading the game in your browser. You can move by left clicking anywhere on the ground. You can use skills by clicking them in the skillbar or pressing the corresponding number. Target other player or monsters by clicking on them or their nameplate. You can click the text field in the lower left corner or press "Return" to begin typing a message to everybody else, another "Return" sends the message. You can gain up to 5 levels by gathering xp by killing monsters or by healing other players who are killing monsters. Each level gives you more hp, more damage/bigger heals and most levels give you new abilities. 2) @kpgbrink, @binki & @mwiss have sent this (Including a GitHub repository!!) : Faito https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ GitHub: https://github.com/sekainogenkai/faito Controls: KeyBoard: Movement WASD, Jump Space, Roll/Croutch shift, Powers (u, i, o, p). Xbox Controller: Movement Left Joy Stick, Jump Right Button, Roll/Crouth Left Button, Powers (x, a, y b). Link: https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ GitHub: https://github.com/sekainogenkai/faito We hope you enjoy this. If you want to fully experience the game you have to play with a friend and faito! Additional Information: Red Ring: Health Blue Ring: Mana Damage: Hit other player with object. Head on hits are stronger. This game is still in development. We have a lot more work to do. 3) @Athelios and @BlueManCZ have sent an amazing school project: http://hroch.spseol.cz:8080 Our game is school project and is very buggy (It's kind of game that inclines to lot's of bugs :D) So it's very possible that it will crash and stop work during testing. Server side is written in Python. Player can equip item to hand by holding Alt + right / left mouse button. Chat can be open by T key, inventory by E key, chest by F key. 4) @RaananW (whoever that is) has submitted the following: In a Row IO , https://in-a-row.io In a Row IO is a multiplayer 3D tic tac toe game in its beta stage. You can create your game with the configuration you wish, or join already existing games. The rules are rather simple - you need to complete a row or spheres and prevent your opponent(s) from doing that same. The length of chain is determined by the largest length of either width, height or depth. so: in a 4x4x4 board, the row is 4, but on a 6x4x3 board, it is 6 (so you can only complete rows on the X axis). in a 5x5x1 it is 5, and 3x3x1 is the classic tic-tac-toe we all know (and hopefully love). You can also watch running games, or games that have ended already (including one where I play against myself! And win!). To actually play you need to log in. Gravity can be enabled, and in the future you will be able to use powerups to mess-up with your opponent. For now they are disabled due to lack of time. 5) Late entry by @getzel (which managed to send me a message as I was writing this post): Here is the solo alpha : http://yobrowser.hol.es/babcity/alpha01.html (My notes - I guess this space will be edited with further information). As I said - we want all game to have their share of users, as they are multiplayer games. So, 5 games, 5 days. I hope the community will participate as much as possible! The game developers can of course invite the entire world to play as well, just to get things going! New entries in your calendars: March 6th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) - we play JPs BabylonJS RPG, http://rpg.jppresents.net 7th, at 20:00 CET (11 am PST) we play - Faito https://sam.ohnopub.net/~faito/faito/index.cgi/ 8th, 20:00 CET (you get the point) - http://hroch.spseol.cz:8080 9th, 20:00 CET - https://in-a-row.io 10th, 20:00 CET - http://yobrowser.hol.es/babcity/alpha01.html Of course you can join in the games whenever you want, we just want as many people as possible at once to get the party started. Please submit your votes in the attached poll!
  5. Hi gang! Results are here! I actually expected a bit more participation this month (game? sports? what else are you doing in your spare time?), but we have 3 wonderful games for you. The first is @Temechon's Kicker game! http://pixelcodr.com/games/kicker/ , touch the ball and try your best to score! Physics, Football, open source! Such a great entry Source can be found here - https://github.com/Temechon/kicker The second is @jodo's Punch-Sucker - . A WebRTC enabled boxing game. The webcam support is not the best (quoting jodo ), but this is a wonderful experiment! Extra points for open sourcing the entire game on github - https://github.com/j-o-d-o/Punch-Sucker The third is @RaananW's basketball trainer - http://raananweber.com/basketball/ . I don't know who this guy is, but it's nice he did something! Aim with the camera, shoot with the space key. Using the new physics architecture! But the code needs to be cleaned a bit, so it's not (yet!) on github. A very basic playground version can be found here - http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6LN3J#1 Cast your votes!! And, a question for all of you - Does it make sense to continue with the challenge? I really expected a bit more than 3...
  6. Did I just miss it or is there really no challenge this month? If there is one that I actually missed, tell me and ignore all of the following Maybe we can come up with something little for the rest of the month so nobody can say "gee, they stopped after only 2 challenges and now they'll never continue... dooohh". (read with a voice similar to this: https://youtu.be/HcwFkDLKPXQ?t=24s) Sooo.. I thought maybe we could do some kind of Christmas calendar thingy. Something that is more about style, fanciness and all those amazing effects possible with babylon js but small and easy to accomplish. The only rules would be: 24 things/doors to click/open (no content needed, providing content or a data structure to fill ti with content is a bonus ) Christmas/Winter themed cool/fancyThat's actually all I can think of now There should be plenty of inspiration out there, like here: http://christmasexperiments.com/ But I remember we already had some Christmas scenes here, like this one for example: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/11239-a-merry-babylon-christmas/ And I am sure there is more somewhere ... I am sure you guys could come up with a lot of amazing scenes anyways. Sooo.. just a suggestion... what do you guys think?
  7. Hi guys, A new challenge for cold November. better late than never! This month's challenge is meant to celebrate Babylon's new material library. A wonderful edition to the framework, which you ALL should know by now :-) If you don't - https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/materialsLibrary November's challenge is simple - we create shaders. Better yet, we create new materials. I cannot promise they will be integrated in the library, but if they are good, they probably will!! For those who are afraid of shaders (AHH!!!!!!!!!!) - fear no more! Or do, but it won't help you... There are many ways of learning them, I found this one to be wonderful - https://www.npmjs.com/package/shader-school To see what's possible with shaders, try this website - https://www.shadertoy.com/ . They are truly a wonderful toy. The challenge's rules: Shader must be original!Shader must be used as a library (thus forcing your poor souls to actually use the material library). If anyone need help with that, write here!Must be more than 2D image manipulation. It must have a 3D effect.(late edition) must be cross platform, including mobile!That's it.Party on! Once again, honor, glory, and beer to the winner !
  8. Found a nice weekly pixel art challenge that give artists deadlines and constraints to make artworks. Its called compixellated and it run by three artists who participate in the competitions themselves too. Challenges get announced on Sundays and you get the whole week to make your entry. You should check it out and contribute. Here is my entry
  9. Inspired by Thomas Palef (lessmilk) and Luis Felipe Ocampo, I will be making one HTML5 game per week, in order to learn how to code games using the Phaser framework. I’ve been making demos and tests in my free time for almost a month, but never finished a real game, and I think it’s the right time to do it. All my games at gikdew.com Check my games, share them and give me some feedback, you can also my blog posts about game development and how I develope my one week games! Game #4 - Wriggle Worm Play here! Game #3 - Fast Racing Play here! Game #2 - Cloud Wars Play here! Game #1 - Circula Play here!
  10. SWAMP'S ADVENTURES Hi there! We just finished up a brand new game and would love you to have fun with it. Join Swamp in over 100 levels of fun family themed puzzles. It starts off easy enough, but soon you will be introduced to challenges such as alligators, snakes, lock/gates, and even the crazy ragin' cajin himself! Take Swamp on over 100 levels of super fun swampy adventures. The puzzles start off easy, but quickly become more challenging as new challenges, friends and foes join the fun! Can you conquer them all? Easy gameplay, just slide your finger!126 Hand designed levelsDifficulty increases as player progressesWorks on all major mobile devicesPlay Swamp's Adventures Right here! Play Swamp's Adventures Right here!
  11. Hello all, I would like to show my finished web game - NessBots! In this game you design and code a robot (in JavaScript), and send it out to fight challenges and other players. This is a programming game/challenge. You can check it out here: www.nessbots.com you can check it out without registration (a mini-sandbox in the main page), but registering is very simple and easy and don't even require a real email (no confirmation), so please register to have to full experience of creating a bot! I'd love to get some feedbacks and opinions about the game. thanks!
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