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Tiled for a dummy


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Hello and thanks ahead of time if you're reading this.


This is my first post and my first game I'm actually trying to see through to the end. Been playing around figuring out the basics, pretty familiar with JS so it hasn't been as hard as I thought it was going to be to pick up on. 


From what I've read Tiled is an awesome software to "quickly" build out your levels, I've downloaded it and been working for a few days with no love.


I made a real simple map with a floor, couple plants, cups of coffee, and an object layer for the collisions. I'm not using a tiled sprite, the coffee is isn't own png and so are the plants. In my mind I'd be able to export he image and add it to the world, then read the json data to know where to put the collisions.


Is this a way oversimplification of what I need to do? I keep getting confused since I'm not actually "tiling" anything ya know.


Sorry if this question is too open ended but the tutorials I've read aren't helping so I thought who better to ask than the Phaser community themselves.





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