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A Quick whinge (nothing to do with BJ)


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hi. hit. hit. orry for the wearing but my brand new laptop two week old ha locked up and ha to go back to the factory for repair :( . Thi wa the day after I had finally managed to clone the documentation repoitory onto it. Many attempt uing github dektop had timed out and I did it finally by downloading the zip. (I think it i the hardrive nothing to do with the repoitory, it wont even do a factory reet). Not only that but when I wa forced to go back to my old laptop I found the key between a and d no longer work. 


When I get it back (at leat two week) I will add the documentation for the FurMaterial I ubmitted to the Library.

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Hi JK... sorry to hear about your new laptop.  that totally sucks.  And here is a bunch of sssssssssssssssss's to cover your last message.  :)


I hope they get your laptop fixed and back to you, soon.  What a shame.


John, as far as making a doc, first, don't sweat the delay.  The important thing is getting YOU back on the net, with full powers.


Second, have you joined github?  When you do, you get a free account with SOME powers.  (I don't think joining github is mentioned anywhere.)


Then, you can branch/clone the documentation repository online... no real need to bring it home.  There at your free github account, you can create your new document and save it to your branch (sort-of automatic).  After that... the pull request (PR).


Avoid using quotes, ampersand, and double spaces, lest the documentation police will process your .md file and leave it a mess.  ;)


One of the few advantages of working in a home repo... is that you can do a "build" that generates a local BabylonDocs website (derived from the md files) on your home machine.  Then, you can browse that local BabylonDocs website and make sure your new document looks good in HTML. 


(See the Contributing to Documentation 101 pinned thread if it hasn't yet died from lack of participation, and see the information at the bottom of the BJS documentation github site.)


If I had an unused working laptop, I'd fast-ship it to you right now, JK, but I don't.  I bet you feel handcuffed big time... sorry.  Let's hope they get yours fixed in record time.  Be well.

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Thanks for the kind words Wingnut. Am using my tablet now (and I have found the virtual keyboard so I can get my sssss on the old laptop). Yes I do have a github account and thanks to Temechon and the 101 thread you mention I know how to use the basics.

Still waiting for the paperwork to arrive so that I can send the new laptop back.

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Hi JK,


If it didn't really suck that you got a lemon for a laptop, I would have to rate your post as one of the most funny examples I've read in a while - almost like a bad joke, but I'm really sorry to say that I just had to laugh once I re-read using the s key. I hope you get this fixed quickly, and also perhaps find a little humor in a bad situation.  :lol:


Hope you're up and running soon.

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Thank you for getting the funny side - aside from my frustration it was written in a Jack Dee type attitude. (English comedian). Still having to write using my tablet, which is a bit hard to swallow, as the paperwork to send the laptop has not yet arrived.

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