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Texture loads on desktop browser but not on mobile browser


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I did a scene (exported from Blender) with an planet Earth: http://www.wilawara.com/globedemo2/


The problem I have is that the texture dont load on the sphere (all sphere go black) while in desktop browsers it loads fine.


The image is not big size, its only 365kb


How can I solve it?

Can you help me with some feedback of your mobile devices browsers?


Thank you very much and sorry for my broken english :)

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Just for a test, reduce your jpg to 512X512 and see if this loads. If it does, then we know what the problem is. Otherwsie, we can look at your mesha as well - but simply change the resolution to 512X512 for the test and this will rule out image issues - except if it still does not load, then you should create a playground scene - but try this first.


Also, as mobile displays are currently all less than 2K resolution, you should practically never use textures with a resolution greater than 1024 at this time.Especially if your target is primarily for mobile devices. And on a desktop, keep in mind the display area your object is using on your screen to determine texture resolution and detail. And if this is the case where you will be zooming into an area of your object which requires greater resolution on the camera zoom, then there are methods you can use to do this - but I advise to never begin with a large texture to accomodate an action later in your scene, and when needed, use a seperate texture that you can adjust its opacity or other properties to seamlessly adapt when you require higher resolution. And of course, always use power of 2 textures unless you're targetting professional specifications for an application which requires a specific resolution other than power of 2.


Let us know the results of a 512X512 jpg, and we can look further, if the image still does not display - although this should work fine unles you have mesh issues such as inverted normals or poblems with your UV mapping - however, since it renders on desktop, I'll be surprised if this test does not render correctly.

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can you and other members try the demo on your mobile devices


Well hit - I gave it a try. See image below for result with a Samsung S III cell phone using the built-in Internet browser - a probably less powerful phone than your S6.


Also worked fine with Samsung Tab A tablet - Chrome browser.


I should point out that both devices were getting the internet from my regular home local internet k (35MB/s) through a wireless connection to the router.


cheers, gryff :)


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I'm using a Sony Xperia Z2 tablet, and the scene loads fine. I didn't look at the code, but it appears you aren't loading any script to handle touch events such as hand.js. What device are you having problems loading the scene? Knowing this might help allot, as so far the reports are that your scene is working fine on mobile devices.



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