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Add rotation and move arrows


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Hi guys!

@jc, I think Swat wants drag gizmos (manipulators), not simple axes.  *shrug*

@swat, I don't think anyone has created position, rotation, and scale drag-gizmos for BJS, yet.  At least I have not seen them.  Sorry.  I'll put some thought into it, which means the project will probably get more difficult.  :D

Dragging... without a ground or a getGroundPosition()... could be a real butch.  *scratch scratch*  (see http://playground.babylonjs.com/?18 getGroundPosition() gets a startingPoint for the drag)

Position, Rotation, Scale...  PRS.  Position gizmos often look like your picture.  Rotation gizmos are often 3 tori (toruses).  Scale gizmos are sometimes the same as position, except they use small boxes instead of arrowheads. 

Sooo... I'm thinking of using an invisible plane that turns-on (unseen) when a user does pointerDown on a PRS gizmo.  It would turn-off when the drag is finished.  You would only need one invisible plane for the drag, but determining how the plane should be oriented (when user does pointerDown on the gizmo)... could be a serious challenge.  Think about a 3-tori rotation gizmo.  The user could begin the drag on the torus... on the bottom of it, or on the part that is behind the mesh (both could be challenging locations to orient the invisible plane).

But maybe... ground (plane) position isn't needed at all, and thus no need for invisible planes.  Maybe... we're only concerned with where on the canvas our starting point is located-at.  Maybe.

Or... the whole thing could be done with 18 buttons.  PosX+, posX-, posY+, posY-, posZ+, posZ-, and the same for rotation and scale.  And there's keyboard commands, too. After selecting a mesh... Position = SHIFTED Q/E, A/D, Z/C.  Rotation = CONTROL Q/E, A/D, Z/C.  Scale = ALT Q/E, A/D, Z/C.

Just thinkin'.  Quite a challenge.  Sorry that I have no miracle answers.  Hopefully, others will comment and have more/better ideas.

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