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Block people from stealing audio


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In Firefox you can do File and Save Page As, and often get all the HTML5 game files in that folder. I am making some custom audio and don't want it taken that easy. The audio is not going to be in the timeline, it is basically just on a button that you can play and stop, so I am using JavaScript to code the audio.


Any server or client side code I can put in to prevent audio files from being saved so easy? Or maybe I need to code them different other than using the HTML5 audio and button tabs?


I want it to be like this site did:




You cant save any of their audio at all.

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The audio in that link is extremely easy to save. Just open the Chrome dev tools, hit the Network tab and load the page. You'll see they are standard, normal ogg files:




No protection at all.


What you're asking for can't really be done. The audio could be streamed from an audio service (at quite some cost to you), but even that doesn't prevent someone from just using any old bit of audio software to record the sound as it plays.

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