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Manually draw tiles from a tileset


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I am currently experimenting with some kind of endless scroller/runner game. Therefore I want to implement a custom Map Rendering based on segments which are being concatenated and - when out of sight - deleting from a dynamic tiles array.


I would like to know if it is (easily) possible to render a specific tile which I get from tileset.tiles array.


A deeper look into "TilemapLayer.js" shows, that phaser simply uses "drawImage" on the canvas context. Trying to draw the tile using canvas at my update-method wasn't successful. When I put it into my render-method it flickers.


My concrete question:


- Is it possible (means: powered by phaser!) to render a tile without having a tilemap for some kind of cutom tilemapping?


Thanks in advance!

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I didn't saw renderTexture. Looks nice. But I would like to have the power of a structured tileset (colision etc.) with my own rendering. 


Maybe I got you wrong. Your idea is rendering the segment into a texture and concatenating? Unfortunately renderTexture is not covered with documentation at the moment.


I'll play with renderTexture. Maybe I get the idea or an other way. 




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