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How to remove animation?

Ingo Chou

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How to remove animation created by BABYLON.Scene.beginAnimation(target, from, to, true) ?


BABYLON.Animatable object returned by  BABYLON.Scene.beginAnimation()  can only stop at a


key frame.



        if (bAnim) {                var anim = new BABYLON.Animation("myAnimation", "scaling.x", 30,                 BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CYCLE);                var keys = [];                keys.push({ frame: 0, value: 1 });                keys.push({ frame: 20, value: 0.2 });                keys.push({ frame: 60, value: 1 });                anim.setKeys(keys);                mymesh.animations.push(anim);                scene.beginAnimation(mymesh, 0, 60, true);        }        else {               scene.stopAnimation(mymesh);               mymesh.animations = new Array();        }
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I am getting into AnimationRange instances for skeletons coming from external sources, .babylon file.  Was planning on adding a modest # of methods for AnimationRange management today (hopefully).


At Animation Class:

  1. getHighestFrame() : number, for adding more animation ranges along with the frames themselves without frame # collision
  2. removeAnimationRange(rangeName: string) : boolean

At Bone Class:

  1. copyAnimationRange(donor : Bone, rescaleAsRequired = false) : boolean // rescaleAsRequired not implemented first PR

At Skeleton Class:

  1. copyAnimationRange(donor : Skeleton, rescaleAsRequired = false) : boolean // rescaleAsRequired not implemented first PR
  2. removeAnimationRange(rangeName : string): boolean

This is in addition to methods to load ranges.  These will not be coming out of the Blender exporter yet, but tested by hand modifying a .babylon.  If you start assigning ranges to stuff as you add it, then you should be able to rely on these to clean up.

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