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I'm teacher, i live in Bonneville (french Alps).
I try, since a few years, to teach " the coding " to my students (16-18 years old). I have a Website dedicated to teaching of "the Web development" (HTML5 games with EaselJS, nodeJS, jQuery....), but sorry, this website is in french !
I would like to write a documentation devoted to Babylon.js for my students (sorry again, in french). I've started to write it (15 pages) :


Thank you in advance for the critics and the returns (if there is french speaker on this forum ;-))

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Here are my returns. I don't know the knowledge level of your student in 3D/computer science (maybe an "3D introduction" course have been teached before), so take them with a grain of salt :)


- Page 6 : maybe explain and define a 3D scene and a 3D engine.

- Page 6 : I would create 4 block in your code snippet, one for each line (for more visibility and clarity)

- Page 7: explanation on GPU/CPU : maybe precise that the GPU is in the graphic card of the computer, and CPU is the processor

- Page 9 : Maybe explain why a name is put on each 3D object, here the light (to get it by name afterwards)

- Page 9 : "la propriété de tourner autour du point qu'elle film" => filme

- Page 14 : "on prend toujours comme point de départ l'origine du repère (0,0,0)" : I think it's not true : the origin can be the origin of the object (like position for directional lights), so it's not always (0,0,0). Don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong.


Awesome document. I wish I go back to school with courses like this one :)

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@Temechon Thank you very much for your help, I will consider your comments (in next version of my doc)


for page 9 : In what circumstance do we need the name ?


for page 14 : the youngest of my students don't know the concept of vector, i try here to explain to them how find the "direction" in 3D, it has no connection with "BabylonJS", but maybe, it's not very clear in my text ;-)


Thank you again

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Quick comment, far off-topic.  I saw mention of scene.getMeshByName while I was out looking for a .getLightByName for a dimmer button I need.  Do scene objects ever have/use .id?


Anyhoo... why not...


scene.getSceneItem([name or id], scene);   ...or something similar?  *shrug*  Ok bye again!  :)

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