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They help you to share your free games :)


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Hi guys,

i want to show us a very nice and modern website that helps the developers to share their games (demo or full).

It's http://www.indiexpo.net . If you upload your game it will be playable automatically online (like kongregate) and the staff helps you to share it (on facebook, youtube, etc.).

It was a website about only downloadable games, but now it's also for HTML5 Games.

It's linked with several communities about Rpg Maker that with the last version ( rpg maker MV) left the possibility to share rpg games in html5.

So... try it and share your games ;)


p.s. you can share also your demo and then replace it. Because you can edit your page (or delete it) in every moment ;)


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Hi guys...! I saw several news in the last period on indiexpo. So I report it also here:


- Feed Rss for your News! 
See the News-Area of a Game page and click on the icon to see the Feed Rss and follow it.
But now you can also just put the link of the game page in your rss reader and it will works automatically ! 



- E-Mail Notifications 
Added the email notifications and a Setting Area to customize it. 

- Levels, Points and Powers! 
Click on the icon on top-right and discover your level and powers ! 

- Added AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for each game. 
- Added new Languages : Russian, Polish and Chinese

- Fast" subscriptions 
Now you can add a game to your subscription directly in home page, clicking on the heart.

- Embed
If you uploaded a html5 now you can click on the write "embed" and share your game on your own website, blog or forum.


- Fast Updates/News 
You can write the last update about your game directly in the game-page 

- User Page
Clicking on the name of an author (of a game or comment) you can see/show your games, subscriptions and the latest games played! 



For the HTML5 Games a great news! The indiepad!

They made a "new gamepad", a new way to play the html5 games.
If you have an android smartphone, go here and download the app (it’s free and always will be). 

Then go on Console (indiexpo.net/indiepad) and select one game (my suggestion: Mom or ParaDog made with MV by artgames! wow)... scan the QR code with the App... and now you can play it using your smartphone like a gamepad

How to add it at your game? 
It's very very easy.
Upload the zip of your game (like a html5 game) and click on "Enable indiepad support". 
It's all. 
Easy and fast. 
No script, no code!




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On 1/7/2017 at 9:20 PM, Jammy said:

how is money made

I don't know... now there's no premium account...


So, I report news about this website from their blog



Added a new area called History, where you can find your latest downloaded games.

Thanks to the developer of this game (very nice, you should try!), now indiexpo is also in Chinese!


aaaaand... other features:

  • restyle of the area about the game news and comments
  • added new medals to win! (we're improving also their notification settings in this period)
  • added the possibility to create a shortcut to the user page using @username
  • in home page now there's the area called "in the case you missed" with the latest news about the games that follow
  • improved the SEO of different pages (and it's increasing the traffic from Google! Yeah)
  • formatting system also in the comments area
  • new design of the game pages
  • added translation of the site in Korean (95% we're still completing it)

Indiexpo is growing up and more and more users are coming... which involves more and more work! 


In this period we are completing also a new feature about the achievements (now testing) and a way to earn money through the site! 
New exclusive games and several interviews on Facebook / YouTube by indie teams (really cool) are coming! 
And thanks as always for your support! Several views from this community! 
With your help we are reaching new goals and we are helping a lot of new developers with their games! 
And stay tuned!


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other  The News!

  • improved the view of the website for mobile (easy to read and to navigate)
  • new area Challenges opened! It's in Events. It's still in beta but it's working good! The games showed are uploaded by few beta-devs
  • improved the Console area
  • improved the SEO of the Comments and News Pages

The Goals

  • it's coming new games in exclusive for indiexpo. If you love the TV series, you have to play the first one! It's super cool!landflix.gif
  • increase the visibility of the website in Russia, China, Corea and Japan
  • to improve the Suggestions Area with the best games to play for each gamer
  • to add a very transparent and good system to left the developers earn money. Also with a partnership program with few Devs!
  • to add a Virtual Memory Card to start to play your game on Desktop... And continue to play it on Mobile
  • to improve the indiepad feature, so the users can play those games automatically also on their phones.

You can read news and updates on blog or see the best games on Facebook page

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