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ParticleStorm pixel emitter


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Hey All,


So  im using the pixel emitter:

    this.pixelEmitter = Config.particleManager.createEmitter(Phaser.ParticleStorm.PIXEL);    this.pixelEmitter.renderer.pixelSize = 2;
    this.image = Config.particleManager.createImageZone('heart');    this.pixelEmitter.emit('basic', 1200,0, { zone: this.image, full: true, spacing: 2, setColor: true });

And my canvas is 1280x640 with a scrolling tilemap,

but everything will get clipped after the coordinates exceed the original canvas size 1280x640:




How can i prevent this and use the emitter in the whole map?



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8 hours ago, rich said:

Fix the emitter to the camera, so it remains on-screen all the time. If you need it to move with the camera then that's a different problem entirely (and one not easily solved really)

this.pixelEmitter.renderer.display.fixedToCamera = true

Displays the effect everywhere indeed, but does not give the desired effect with a scrolling map

think i somehow need to give each particle a x,y offset depending on startlocation of the camera

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