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[Mini Tutorial] - How to dynamically load game assets


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Hey guys, so If you are creating a very large game or mmo and have hundreds of skills and don't want to load all those game assets at once, but only if a player has used that skill, this guide is for you! 

1. Create a global array

Loaded_Skills = []

2. Create a function that activate's a player's skill dynamically

UseSkill = function(Skill_ID) {
	if (Loaded_Skills.indexOf(Skill_ID) == -1) { // This skill sprite sheet is not loaded
		var temp_sprite = game.load.spritesheet('Warcry', '../img/skills/warcry.png', 32, 18, 5);
			temp_sprite.onFileComplete.add(LoadSkillComplete, temp_sprite);
	} else { //Skill sheet is already loaded
			LoadSkillComplete(100); // note the 100 is still being passed
	function LoadSkillComplete(progress) {
		if (progress == 100) { // File is now 100% dynamically loaded and ready to be inserted into game
			var temp_monster = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'Warcry');  
			Loaded_Skills.push(Skill_ID); // Add the skill id to the loaded sklll array so we know it's loaded


3. Now use the UseSkill function and pass in the appropriate skill id.


Some things to consider:

-- You might want to grab your skill name (Animations, etc) and other skill information from an object for example:

Skill_Data = Skills[Skill_ID]

Hope this helps and saves you some bandwidth!

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