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Sprite movement not smooth, with example


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new year, no chance to find solutions.
Last year I paused /chanceled my game dev project with phaser.
The main idea is to move a lot of sprites from right to left, like flappy bird or jetpack joyride. On the start of development, everything works fine, but after some phaser updates, I walked in great problems and could never find a solution...

Sprites which moves via body.velocity are jizzle or hacking or not smooth.

The moving sprites should be visible as a pattern. A lot of small tiles are drawn to show a symbol or something else.
This pattern is a tilemap and every sprite is moving with velocity.

First I thought that this is a performance issue and I reduced the tilemap to only a few sprites. Same problem.
I created a new project without tilemap where only some sprites are moving from right to left with a velocity of -300. Same problem.
Tried different scalings, sprite parameters and so on.
this.game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true is also not the solution.

I read a lot here in the forum and some guys could be the same problem than me.
Pixi could be the problem too, but I don't know what is wrong and where is it to fix.
Someone has to fixed it, because there are a lot of games published with phaser and no one with this bug. Is there a fix or is it a mistake of my own?

I've tested it on different browsers on Mac and Windows and on the cocoonJS Launcher app.
But I don't want to publish a game with not smooth moving sprites.
FPS are always about 60.

So, this is my last call for help and I hope someone can help me or give me important hints.

You can write me a PM too!

The problem is also reproducable on the phaser online code editor.
I've tried a very simple sprite generating.
This is the end result of a lot of testing and I know also that you can take the phaser timer to generate sprites every second. But never the less, the problem is the same.

Sometimes, the jizzle is every second, sometimes it need time and it comes only every few seconds...



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