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Issues with version 2.3.0-beta


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Hello guys,


I updated my project from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0-beta, and I have 3 differences so I have to apply these modifications, Is what it is intended?


Problem 1:

/* ambientTexture.vOffset updated from 0 to 0.42 */
scene.getMeshByName('Floor').material.ambientTexture.vOffset = -0.42;    // vOffset LightMap


Problem 2:

A multiMat.dispose() difference :


v2.2.0 (with multiMat.dispose();)
scene.materials.length: 373
Displaying is working with dispose because the multimat is still attach to the mesh.


v2.3.0-beta (without multiMat.dispose();):
scene.materials.length: 453
with multiMat.dispose(); : Displaying isn't working with dispose because the multimat is really dispose of the mesh.


Problem 3:

// Lighting is different for SpotLight :
scene.getLightByName('Spot').exponent = 1.2;

You can see the difference between 2.3.0-beta and 2.2.0 in pictures.

I tried to play with intensity and exponent in order to have the same result as before with a gradient color light but without success, do you have a solution ? :-)


v2.2.0 :





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1. OK

2. OK. Before in 2.2.0, if I called material.dispose(), meshes with the material have kept their material at the displaying screen.

3. OK thanks :-D


On 22/1/2016 at 7:18 PM, Dad72 said:

I found anyway the image 1 above of better quality with 2.3. :)

EDIT: I put images in the correct order, the image you talk about is v2.2.0 ;-)

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Yes, yes, I spoke well of this image here. By cons is true that in the window there is a very illuminating white or you can no longer distinguish the sky compared to the image 2.2. Can be a matter of adjustment due to the change/correction

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