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playground drag and drop example question


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In the playground "drag and drop" example,  in function "onPointerDown()" the camera is detached from the canvas using following code

if (startingPoint) { // we need to disconnect camera from canvas
                setTimeout(function () {
                }, 0);
                //    camera.detachControl(canvas);


If I remove the setTimeout() and do "detachControl" directly the code works fine on chrome and firefox but fails in IE

In IE the camera becomes a free look camera :o

Whats the significance of the "setTimeout()" function?

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A very simple explanation (it can get more complex :) ) - setTimeout with a value of 0(ms) tells the JS engine to execute the given function after it has ended with its current tasks. It adds this function to be executed and doesn't execute it immediately. 

I guess that since this function executes native js events unregistration, some engines might have a problem running it. But i don't really know why IE doesn't work. It is just an assumption.

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