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2d tiled maps


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I'd say that for pure 2D rendering there'd be other engines that would do the job in a simpler way.

Using BJS could be beneficial in the following cases:

  • you plan on displaying 3D meshes along your 2D sprites (eg.: a very large character)
  • you plan on using advanced shaders and postprocesses, for example some kind of blur or distortion
  • you plan on implementing some sort of lighting system
  • you just wanna be part of the cool kids

Your choice ;)

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Thank you for your answers guys. I'm researching various html5 game engines for quite a long time, but couldn't find the perfect one for my project. At first I was testing only 2d engines and Phaser was most suitable at first. And now I got idea to try out 3d engines for that kind of project. :)

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