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Mesh.rotate() function resets euler rotation to zero


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@Temechon, Interesting feature ;)

I can see why setting ".rotation " cannot change ".rotationQuarternion" or vice versa.

After all we are just changing a property/variable.

Maybe ".rotation" or ".rotationQuarternion" should be  private and there should be setter methods ".setRotation() " or   ".setRotationQuarternion()". This way when one is set the other can be updated.

Regarding ".rotate()" . It is a method, so don't you think it would be a good idea for it to update both the property values ?

@Dad72, Thanks, I will check your solution

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I think if there are concerns related to using both "rotation" and "rotationQuaternion" togather then those should be documented

Might be a good idea to document this in the rotate API at least

I would even go as far as documenting it as a warning :)

Something to the effect that "Please note that rotate() will reset the "rotation" value to zero. If you expect to use "rotation" ,  please consider setting its value from "rotationQuaternion" using the "rotationQuaternion.toEulerAngles()" function. You might get unexpected results otherwise".


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